17 Facts About Chris Zylka

1. Chris Zylka was born and raised in Howland Township, Ohio, US He took his mother's maiden name, Chris Zylka, as a stage name.

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2. Chris Zylka was raised by his mother and he has never met his biological father.

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3. Chris Zylka studied art at the University of Toledo for two years, but dropped out to care for his maternal grandfather when he suddenly became ill.

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4. Chris Zylka was homeless for six months upon arriving to Los Angeles and lived in his car in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven in Burbank.

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5. Chris Zylka began his acting career with a guest appearance as Jason on the teen drama television series 90210 in 2008.

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6. Chris Zylka was cast in a recurring role in Everybody Hates Chris and had guest roles in television shows Hannah Montana, Cougar Town and Zeke and Luther.

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7. In 2009, Chris Zylka landed a sixteen-episode recurring role as Joey Donner in sitcom 10 Things I Hate About You.

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8. Chris Zylka began to move into films around this time, appearing in the comedy film The People I've Slept With and the horror television film My Super Psycho Sweet 16.

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9. Chris Zylka portrayed Thor in the mystery comedy film Kaboom, which premiered at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.

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10. Chris Zylka starred in two animal-attack-themed films, Shark Night and Piranha 3DD (2012).

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11. Chris Zylka played Tom Garvey in HBO's supernatural television series The Leftovers from 2014 to 2017.

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12. Chris Zylka described his art often coming from "a darker place”.

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13. Chris Zylka launched his first art exhibition titled "Why Use A Name" at Pikes Hotel in Ibiza, Spain in August 2018.

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14. Chris Zylka dated actress Lucy Hale for nine months, and the couple split in September 2012.

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15. Chris Zylka was engaged to model Hanna Beth Merjos in April 2014.

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16. Chris Zylka became engaged to heiress and media personality Paris Hilton in January 2018.

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17. Chris Zylka proposed to her with a ring worth US$2 million during a vacation in Aspen, after one year of dating.

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