36 Facts About Chuck Noll


Charles Henry Noll was an American professional football player and head coach.


When Chuck Noll retired after 23 years, only three other head coaches in NFL history had longer tenures with one team.


Between his playing and coaching tenures, Chuck Noll won a total of seven NFL Championships as well as one AFL Championship and was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1993, his first year of eligibility.


Chuck Noll built the team through astute drafting and meticulous tutoring.


Chuck Noll was often credited with maintaining the morale of the Western Pennsylvania region despite its steep economic decline by creating a team of champions in the image of its blue-collar fan base.


The family lived in the house Chuck Noll's mother grew up in with her 12 siblings, near East 74th Street, in a neighborhood with a large African-American population, a fact that helps account for Chuck Noll's early championing of opportunity for African Americans in the NFL.


Chuck Noll began working in seventh grade and by the time he entered high school, he had saved enough for two-year's worth of the $150 tuition.


Chuck Noll played running back and tackle on the high school football team, winning All-State honors.


Chuck Noll planned to attend Notre Dame, but during a practice before his freshman year he suffered an epileptic seizure on the field.


Chuck Noll was selected by the Cleveland Browns in the 20th round of the 1953 NFL Draft.


Chuck Noll finished his NFL career with 8 interceptions, 3 fumble recoveries, and a touchdown on one of each.


Chuck Noll was paid only $5,000 per season with the Browns and so while there he acted as substitute teacher at Holy Name High School and sold insurance on the side.


Chuck Noll was surprised when he was not offered an open position on the University of Dayton coaching staff.


Chuck Noll was offered a position by Sid Gillman on the staff of the Los Angeles Chargers, during its inaugural season.


Chuck Noll was an assistant coach for the American Football League's then Los Angeles and later San Diego Chargers from 1960 to 1965.


Chuck Noll then became assistant to head coach Don Shula of the NFL Baltimore Colts from 1965 to 1968, when he was selected as the Pittsburgh Steelers' head coach.


Chuck Noll was one of the main reasons for our success.


The next day, Chuck Noll interviewed for the head coach position in Pittsburgh.


At age 37, Chuck Noll was named the 14th head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers on January 27,1969, after Penn State coach Joe Paterno turned down an offer for the position.


Chuck Noll implemented a defensive system in Pittsburgh that became the legendary "Steel Curtain" defense.


Chuck Noll's coaching style earned him the nickname of The Emperor Chaz by sports announcer Myron Cope.


Chuck Noll was the first head coach to win four Super Bowls.


The key to Chuck Noll's coaching success during this run was the Steelers' skill in selecting outstanding players in the NFL college player draft.


Chuck Noll was a well-read man who valued education and expected likewise from his team, so he sought players who studied useful or practical subjects in college and had interests outside of football.


Chuck Noll was notoriously shy and did not like the media or give many interviews.


In 1989, Chuck Noll finally achieved some recognition as NFL Coach of the Year, when he guided the Steelers into the second round of the playoffs.


Chuck Noll was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1993.


Chuck Noll maintained a residence in suburban Pittsburgh he spent some time at his Florida home.


Chuck Noll held the ceremonial title of Administration Adviser in the Pittsburgh Steelers' front office but had no real role in the team's operations after his retirement.


Chuck Noll spent about half the year in Pittsburgh with his wife Marianne.


Chuck Noll died of natural causes in his suburban Pittsburgh condo on June 13,2014, having suffered for years from Alzheimer's disease, a heart condition and back problems.


Chuck Noll's funeral was held on June 17,2014 at St Paul's Cathedral in Pittsburgh.


Chuck Noll strongly promoted Dungy as a well-qualified head coaching candidate, but it did not happen for Dungy with the Steelers when Chuck Noll retired after the 1991 season.


Chuck Noll was honored on October 7,2007, at Heinz Field during the pre-game ceremonies.


On September 30,2011, Pittsburgh honored Chuck Noll by naming a new street after him.


Chuck Noll Way connects North Shore Drive to West General Robinson St The street runs along Stage AE, on the North Shore of Pittsburgh.