30 Facts About Chuck Palahniuk


Charles Michael "Chuck" Palahniuk is an American novelist who describes his work as transgressional fiction.


Chuck Palahniuk has published 19 novels, three nonfiction books, two graphic novels, and two adult coloring books, as well as several short stories.


Chuck Palahniuk's first published novel was Fight Club, which was adapted into a film of the same title.


Chuck Palahniuk grew up living in a mobile home in Burbank, Washington.


Chuck Palahniuk's parents separated when he was 14 years old, and they subsequently divorced, often leaving him and his three siblings to live with their maternal grandparents at their cattle ranch in eastern Washington.


Chuck Palahniuk acknowledged in a 2007 interview that he is a distant nephew of actor Jack Palance, and that his family had talked of distant relations with Palance.


Chuck Palahniuk attended the University of Oregon in his 20s, graduating in journalism in 1986.


Chuck Palahniuk interned at the local public radio station, KLCC, as part of his coursework.


Chuck Palahniuk wrote for the local newspaper for a short while but then began working for Freightliner Trucks as a diesel mechanic, continuing until his writing career took off.


Chuck Palahniuk performed volunteer work for a homeless shelter and volunteered at a hospice as an escort, providing transportation for terminally ill people, taking them to support group meetings.


Chuck Palahniuk ceased volunteering upon the death of a patient to whom he had grown attached.


Chuck Palahniuk wrote this story in his spare time while working for Freightliner.


At that time, his father, Fred Chuck Palahniuk, had started dating a woman named Donna Fontaine, whom he had met through a personal ad under the title "Kismet".


Chuck Palahniuk believes that, using a personal ad, Fontaine was looking for "the biggest man she could find" to protect her from Shackelford, and Chuck Palahniuk's father qualified.


Chuck Palahniuk has stated that he wrote the novel to help him cope with having participated in the decision to have Shackelford receive the death sentence.


Playboy magazine later published the story in their March 2004 issue and Chuck Palahniuk offered to let them publish another story along with it, but the publishers found the second work too disturbing to publish.


In June 2005, Chuck Palahniuk noted that his number of fainters was up to 67.


At a 2005 appearance in Miami, Florida, during the Haunted tour, Chuck Palahniuk commented that Haunted represented the last of a "horror trilogy".


Chuck Palahniuk indicated that his then-forthcoming novel, Rant, would be the first of a "science fiction trilogy".


In 2008, Chuck Palahniuk spent a week at the Clarion West Writers Workshop, instructing eighteen students about his writing methods and theory of fiction.


Chuck Palahniuk has mentioned at book readings that he is working on a musical based on Fight Club with David Fincher and Trent Reznor.


Chuck Palahniuk has said that the same people who made the film Constantine will be working on this film.


Chuck Palahniuk helped write some of the video game Manhunt 2 in his freelance writing in 2007.


Chuck Palahniuk says that his writing style has been influenced by authors such as the minimalist Tom Spanbauer, Amy Hempel, Mark Richard, Denis Johnson, Thom Jones, Bret Easton Ellis and philosophers Michel Foucault, Friedrich Nietzsche and Albert Camus.


Chuck Palahniuk has said that there are some choruses between novels, noting that the color cornflower blue and the city of Missoula, Montana appear in many of his novels.


The content of Chuck Palahniuk's works has been described as nihilistic.


Chuck Palahniuk has rejected this label, stating that he is a romantic, and that his works are mistakenly seen as nihilistic because they express ideas that others do not believe in.


Chuck Palahniuk is a regular participant in their events, including the annual Santa Rampage in Portland, Oregon.


In 2004, Chuck Palahniuk came out as gay after an interview with Karen Valby, a reporter for Entertainment Weekly.


Chuck Palahniuk was nominated for the 1999 Oregon Book Award for Best Novel for Survivor and for the Bram Stoker Award for Best Novel for Lullaby in 2002 and for Haunted in 2005.