17 Facts About Clock King


Clock King is the name of three supervillains appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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Clock King made his first live-action appearance in the 1960s Batman TV series, played by Walter Slezak.

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Clock King wears a clock mask, a cape, and a blue suit with clock drawings on it.

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Clock King is a master planner and sometimes uses clock-themed gadgetry.

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The Clock King became better known more recently by his appearances in Justice League International and Suicide Squad.

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Later, the Clock King leads his own separate team of villains in a mission.

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Clock King is seen still alive after his brutal wounds but, in the end, Major Disaster believes he is the only one who survives.

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Clock King is not seen for a period of time after Infinite Crisis.

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Clock King's costume is similar to the suit worn by the Clock King seen in Batman: The Animated Series, although lacking a hat and having clock faces on his tie.

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Clock King then brings the Titans to his base of operations, a dimension outside of time.

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Clock King offers Ravager a chance to join him, but she refuses.

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Clock King then removes the Titans from his base and decides to move on to new plans.

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Clock King sends the Militia to attack Los Angeles, for no reason other than to amuse him.

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Clock King's plans are eventually undone by Miss Martian, who was posing as one of the captured Metahumans, and Ravager, who attacks and defeats him, forcing him to flee his base of operations.

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Clock King makes an appearance in a 2004 The Batman Adventures comic.

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Clock King makes a brief cameo in Chapter Eight of the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic, visibly shocked by the sudden appearance of Wonder Woman and Flash in the villains only bar called World's End.

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New incarnation of the Clock King appeared in series set in the DCAU, voiced by Alan Rachins.

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