25 Facts About Colin Cowherd


Colin Murray Cowherd was born on January 6,1964 and is an American sports media personality.

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Colin Cowherd was a host of Speak For Yourself on FS1.

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Colin Cowherd founded and launched his own podcast network "The Volume" in 2021.

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Colin Cowherd grew up in Grayland, Washington, a small fishing village about 130 miles away from Seattle.

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Colin Cowherd's parents divorced while he was young, due to his father's alcoholism, and he and his sister were raised mainly by their mother.

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Colin Cowherd described himself as a loner during his childhood, spending much time sitting on his roof, listening to baseball games on the radio.

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Colin Cowherd graduated from Ocosta High School in Westport in 1982.

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In high school, Colin Cowherd played quarterback for the football team and was an All-Far West Conference guard for the basketball team.

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Colin Cowherd was roommates with Coach Jim McElwain at Eastern Washington.

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Colin Cowherd began his career as the play-by-play voice for the San Diego Padres Triple-A affiliate Las Vegas Stars.

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Colin Cowherd eventually became a sports director at KVBC in Las Vegas, where he was named Nevada's Sportscaster of the Year five times.

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Colin Cowherd served as weekend sports anchor at WTVT in Tampa, Florida from 1993 to 1995.

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In 2003, Colin Cowherd was selected to replace Tony Kornheiser for the late-morning time slot on ESPN Radio.

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Cowherd's show, The Herd with Colin Cowherd, is a syndicated talk radio show broadcast on Fox Sports Radio.

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Colin Cowherd had reportedly commented "who cares that he died" and described his death as "not newsworthy" before speculating on the cause of death.

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Colin Cowherd was later reprimanded by ESPN Radio general manager Bruce Gilbert over his remarks.

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Colin Cowherd again drew criticism in April 2014 with remarks on the death of The Ultimate Warrior.

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In March 2018, Colin Cowherd - who had previously referred to professional wrestling fans as "lonely, pathetic Booger Eaters" - attended the taping of an episode of WWE SmackDown.

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Colin Cowherd was criticized for comments he made regarding the circumstances surrounding the death of Sean Taylor.

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On November 28,2007, one day after Taylor's home invasion murder, Colin Cowherd claimed that Taylor's past had brought this on him and that Redskins fans who mourned him were not "grown-ups".

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In fall 2013, Cowherd began hosting the ESPN Sunday morning pro and college football talk show Colin's New Football Show.

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Colin Cowherd has said on his radio show that he had been writing the book on-and-off for a few years.

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Colin Cowherd announced in September 2012 that he would be leaving the program; his last month as host was December 2012.

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On July 23,2015, Colin Cowherd made remarks connecting the number of baseball players from the Dominican Republic to the game's alleged simplicity.

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In 2018, Colin Cowherd partnered with iHeartRadio and Red Seat Ventures to launch The Heard Podcast Network.

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