12 Facts About Colorado Avalanche

1. The Colorado Avalanche have won two Stanley Cup championships.

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2. The Colorado Avalanche selected Jost No 10 overall in the 2016 draft.

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3. The Colorado Avalanche failed to qualify for the playoffs in 2011.

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4. The Colorado Avalanche recorded their 500th home sellout in their 515th game in Denver on January 20, 2007, against the Detroit Red Wings.

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5. On November 18, 2018, the Colorado Avalanche beat the Ducks and earned its 1,000th win in team history.

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6. The Colorado Avalanche started the season off strong until the Olympic break.

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7. The Colorado Avalanche missed the postseason for the second time in three seasons.

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8. The Colorado Avalanche sent an NHL leading 11 players from eight countries.

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9. The Colorado Avalanche made the Western Conference Finals for the fourth consecutive season, meeting the Detroit Red Wings in the playoffs for the fifth time in seven years.

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10. The Colorado Avalanche sent 10 players representing seven countries and head coach Marc Crawford representing Canada to the 1998 Winter Olympics ice hockey tournament in Nagano, Japan.

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11. The Colorado Avalanche met the two lowest scorers of the Western Conference in the first two rounds of the playoffs, the Chicago Blackhawks and the Edmonton Oilers, and defeated them in six games and five games, respectively.

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12. The Colorado Avalanche are the only team in their division not based in the Central Time Zone; the team is situated in the Mountain Time Zone.

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