40 Facts About Colt Cabana


Colt Cabana is signed to All Elite Wrestling as a wrestler and as a coach, and he performs the same duties for AEW's sister promotion, Ring of Honor.


Colt Cabana is a two-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, two-time NWA National Champion, one-time RevPro British Heavyweight Champion, and one-time JCW World Heavyweight Champion.


Colt Cabana worked in World Wrestling Entertainment as Scotty Goldman and wrestled as old-school masked wrestler Matt Classic in Wrestling Society X and Chikara.


Colt Cabana made a name for himself when he joined ROH, where he was placed in a rivalry with Punk before uniting with Punk and Ace Steel to form the Second City Saints.


Colt Cabana later formed a tag team with Punk, which led to him becoming a two-time ROH World Tag Team Champion.


Colt Cabana had rivalries with Homicide and then-World Champion Bryan Danielson.


Colt Cabana was a part of the short-lived Wrestling Society X on MTV in late 2006, where he portrayed his old-school wrestling persona, the masked "Matt Classic".


Colt Cabana made several appearances as Scotty Goldman with WWE on its SmackDown brand before being released from his contract in 2009.


Colt Cabana attended Western Michigan University and played on their football team until graduating in 2002 with a degree in Business marketing.


Colt Cabana broke into Ring of Honor with the name Colt Cabana as CM Punk's rival before joining with Steel and Punk as the Second City Saints.


Between August 2005 and April 2006, Colt Cabana was involved in a feud with Homicide, which featured Colt Cabana being strangled with a metal coat hanger, bleeding from numerous chair shots, having Drano poured down his throat, being piledriven off the ring apron through a table, and getting his head crushed between a ladder.


In October 2006, Colt Cabana was involved in an auto accident with fellow Ring of Honor stars Adam Pearce and Dave Prazak.


Colt Cabana was driving from a Ring of Honor event in Dayton, Ohio when he lost control of their car due to the weather conditions.


Colt Cabana received the 2004 Match of the Year in a European rounds style bout with World of Sport journeyman, Johnny Kidd.


Colt Cabana did a short tour of Puerto Rico for IWA PR in early 2005.


Colt Cabana made his Japanese debut for Zero 1 Max in 2006.


Colt Cabana competed under the name Matt Classic, who is a throwback to the wrestlers of the 1950s and 1960s.


Colt Cabana's gimmick used "old school" moves such as the skull vice and the abdominal stretch as finishers.


Colt Cabana twice came close to winning the title only to be denied by the TV time-limit expiring.


Colt Cabana defeated Spears on October 31,2007, to win the OVW Television title.


When OVW was replaced by Florida Championship Wrestling as the WWE developmental territory, Colt Cabana was moved down to FCW.


Colt Cabana's last singles match on SmackDown was a quick loss against The Great Khali.


On February 21,2009, Colton made his return to Pro Wrestling Guerrilla at Express Written Consent where he, as Colt Cabana, challenged Chris Hero for the PWG World Championship in a 3-way match which included Human Tornado.


Colt Cabana won a two-day tournament to become the winner of the NHPW Global Conflict Shield.


Colt Cabana has since been teaming with El Generico in his feud with Kevin Steen and Steve Corino.


On October 16,2010, Colt Cabana defeated Corino in an "I Quit" match in Chicago Ridge to end their feud.


Colt Cabana lost the title to The Sheik on April 23,2011, in Jacksonville, Florida.


Colt Cabana lost the championship to Corporal Robinson at the following event.


On October 15,2011, Colt Cabana made a surprise appearance at All Pro Wrestling's Halloween Hell XIV event in Hayward, California, defeating "Wrestling Personified" Rik Luxury for his APW Worldwide Internet Championship after answering Luxury's open challenge.


In March 2012 Colt Cabana appeared on the debut show for London-based promotion Progress Wrestling, in a losing effort to Loco Mike Mason.


Colt Cabana teamed with Eddie Edwards to take part in Global Tag League 2012 and gained five points but did not progress further.


On January 1,2017, Colt Cabana became a commentator for Ring of Honor, replacing Nigel McGuinness.


Colt Cabana became more active as a color commentator alongside Ian Riccaboni.


At the 2019 Crockett Cup, Colt Cabana won the NWA National Heavyweight Championship from Willie Mack.


Colt Cabana lost the title to Aron Stevens in a triple threat match involving Ricky Starks at NWA Into the Fire.


The next day, on Day 2 of Honor Rising: Japan, Colt Cabana teamed with Toru Yano and were victorious in a match against Cheese Burger and Delirious.


Colt Cabana made a surprise appearance at Revolution on February 29,2020, attacking The Dark Order.


Later that night, Colt Cabana was seen heading into Lee's office.


At the Brodie Lee Celebration of Life memorial show, Colt Cabana teamed with The Young Bucks to defeat Matt Hardy and Private Party, securing the pinfall victory.


On December 23,2019, RetroSoft Studios announced Riccaboni and Colt Cabana would be providing commentary for the sequel to the 1991 arcade game WWF WrestleFest RetroMania Wrestling on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC.