12 Facts About Comic Sans


Comic Sans MS is a sans-serif script typeface designed by Vincent Connare and released in 1994 by Microsoft Corporation.

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Comic Sans believed this was inappropriate for the aesthetics of the program, which was created to introduce younger users to computers.

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Comic Sans completed Comic Sans too late for inclusion in Microsoft Bob, and the typeface would go unreleased until the programmers of Microsoft 3D Movie Maker, which used cartoon guides and speech bubbles, adopted it.

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Comic Sans is pre-installed in macOS and Windows Phone but not Android, iOS or Linux.

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Comic Sans Pro is an updated version of Comic Sans created by Terrance Weinzierl from Monotype Imaging.

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Originally appearing as part of Ascender 2010 Font Pack as Comic Sans 2010, it was first released on April Fools' Day, causing some to initially assume it was a joke.

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Comic Sans has become infamous for its use in serious circumstances, like warning signs and formal documents, in which it might appear too informal, unprofessional, or inappropriate.

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In September 2014, The Sydney Morning Herald printed a front page with Comic Sans, causing an uproar, despite its use being within speech bubbles in keeping with the origin of the typeface.

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Some people have reported that typing in Comic Sans has helped to clear writer's block, claiming that its casual appearance and high legibility create less mental tension.

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The website's main argument is that a typeface should match the tone of its text and that the humorous appearance of Comic Sans often contrasted with a serious message, such as a "do not enter" sign.

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Comic Sans is widely used in schools due to its high legibility.

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Comic Sans is paired with his brother named Papyrus, in reference to the typeface of the same name.

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