27 Facts About Conrad Hilton

1. Conrad Hilton Married Mary Barron with whom he had three children with.

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2. Conrad Hilton served for two years in Quartermaster Corps, France before being discharged in 1919.

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3. Conrad Hilton was born on the 25th day of December 1887 in San Antonio, New Mexico to Augustus Hilton and Genievie.

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4. Conrad Hilton is one of the top American hoteliers who is known to have single-handedly established the Hilton Hotel chain.

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5. In 1954, Conrad Hilton shocked the financial world, having made the largest deal in the history of America.

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6. In 1924, Conrad Hilton became the owner of 350 guest rooms.

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7. Conrad Hilton died of pneumonia in Bel Air, California on January 3, 1979, at the age of 91.

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8. Conrad Hilton gave up active management of the company in 1966 when his son Barron was named president.

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9. In 1954, Conrad Hilton bought the Statler hotel chain for $111 million.

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10. In 1949, Conrad Hilton realized a long-held goal when he leased New York's Waldorf-Astoria, considered to be the greatest hotel in the world.

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11. Conrad Hilton was the largest shareholder with $9 million worth of stock.

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12. Conrad Hilton regretted that the marriage prohibited him from participating in the Church's sacraments.

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13. Conrad Hilton added to his holdings when he purchased the Breakers in Los Angeles and built the Albuquerque Hilton in 1939.

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14. Conrad Hilton built his first hotel on leased land in Dallas at a cost of $1 million.

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15. Conrad Hilton earned back the money he had invested in the Mobley in one year.

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16. Conrad Hilton went back to San Antonio to take charge of his father's businesses.

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17. In 1912, New Mexico became a state and Conrad Hilton was elected to the state legislature as a Republican.

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18. At the age of 21, Conrad Hilton took over management of his father's store and began sharing in the profits.

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19. Around this time, Conrad Hilton began to expand his operations outside of the United States and renamed the company.

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20. Conrad Hilton was born on December 25, 1887 in San Antonio, New Mexico.

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21. Conrad Hilton left $500,000 to his two surviving siblings, $100,000 to his daughter Francesca, and $10,000 to each of his nieces and nephews.

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22. On January 3, 1979, Conrad Hilton died of natural causes at the age of 91.

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23. In 1966, Conrad Hilton was succeeded as president by his son Barron and was elected chairman of the board.

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24. Conrad Hilton formed the Hilton Hotels Corporation in 1946, and Hilton International Company in 1948.

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25. Conrad Hilton built his first hotel outside of Texas in 1939 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, today known as the Hotel Andaluz.

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26. Conrad Hilton bought his first hotel instead, the 40-room Mobley Hotel in Cisco, Texas, in 1919, when a bank purchase fell through.

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27. Conrad Hilton was a member of the international fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon—Alpha Omicron Chapter.

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