20 Facts About Corey Burton


Corey Gregg Weinberg was born on August 3,1955, and known professionally as Corey Burton, is an American voice actor.

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Corey Burton studied radio acting with Daws Butler for four years and went on to work with nearly all of the original Hollywood radio actors in classic-style radio dramas.

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Corey Burton was unsure at first about pursuing voice-work, due to his shy demeanor and Autism Spectrum Disorder, but credits the diverse world and character design of Disney's The Haunted Mansion attraction as his inspiration to move forward.

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Corey Burton voiced 169 different characters across 124 episodes of Adventures in Odyssey, a series by the Evangelical Christian organization Focus on the Family.

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Corey Burton provides the "Feature Presentation" voice on direct-to-video video releases and can be heard as the narration voice at Disneyland.

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Corey Burton provided the voice of Captain Hook in Disney's Return to Never Land and dubbed the voice of Deems Taylor in Fantasia for the film's 2000 and 2010 re-releases.

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Corey Burton has voiced sound-alikes and original characters for over 50 Disney Storyteller records.

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Corey Burton recited the classic line "Welcome, foolish mortals" in the opening of the film version of The Haunted Mansion.

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Corey Burton was approached to record a new safety spiel for the intro to the original Haunted Mansion ride.

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Corey Burton declined and the spiel was instead recorded by voice actor Joe Leahy.

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Corey Burton provides many others Paul Frees-like voices for Disneyland Park, including several newer pirates in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, Grumpy on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction, and several voices in Mr Toad's Wild Ride.

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Corey Burton performed another Frees imitation for comedian Stan Freberg's album Stan Freberg Presents The United States of America, Volume Two.

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Corey Burton performed a Frees imitation as the voice of the announcer in the 1999 film Dudley Do-Right and did likewise as the voices of the alien foreheads in Larry Blamire's 2008 satire Trail of the Screaming Forehead.

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Corey Burton appeared as Shockwave, Sunstreaker, Brawn, and Spike Witwicky in the original Transformers animated series by Sunbow Productions and Marvel Productions.

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Corey Burton stated in an interview that Shockwave was by far his favorite character to perform in the original series.

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Star Wars, Corey Burton voiced Count Dooku, Cad Bane, and Ziro, the Hutt in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and has continued to voice Cad Bane in Star Wars: The Bad Batch and The Book of Boba Fett.

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Kingdom Hearts series, Corey Burton voiced Ansem the Wise in Chain of Memories, Birth by Sleep, and Dream Drop Distance due to Christopher Lee's health problems.

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Corey Burton reprised his role as Ansem the Wise for Kingdom Hearts III.

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Corey Burton has portrayed the supervillain Brainiac in the DC animated universe.

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Corey Burton appeared as the character in Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League, Static Shock, and Justice League Unlimited.

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