11 Facts About County Antrim


County Antrim is one of six counties of Northern Ireland and one of the thirty-two counties of Ireland.

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County Antrim has a population density of 203 people per square kilometre or 526 people per square mile.

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Glens of County Antrim offer isolated rugged landscapes, the Giant's Causeway is a unique landscape and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bushmills produces whiskey, and Portrush is a popular seaside resort and night-life area.

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Large portion of County Antrim is hilly, especially in the east, where the highest elevations are attained.

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County Antrim is one of two counties on the island in which the majority of people are Protestant, according to the 2001 census, the other being Down.

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County Antrim contains within it the whole of five parliamentary constituencies:.

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At what date the county of Antrim was formed is not known, but it appears that a certain district bore this name before the reign of Edward II, and when the shiring of Ulster was undertaken by Sir John Perrot in the 16th century, Antrim and Down were already recognised divisions, in contradistinction to the remainder of the province.

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In 1588 the County Antrim coast was the scene of one of the 24 wrecks of the Spanish Armada in Ireland.

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In 1689 during the Williamite War in Ireland, County Antrim was a centre of Protestant resistance against the rule of the Catholic James II.

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Natural rock formations of Giant's Causeway on the County Antrim coast are now designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Records of the seaweeds of County Antrim were brought together and published in 1907 by J Adams who notes that the list contains 211 species.

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