5 Facts About Craig Kilborn

1. In 2011, Craig Kilborn played the villain in an episode of the television show Chuck during its final season.

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2. In the 2006 film The Benchwarmers, Craig Kilborn played Jerry, the bully to Jon Heder, David Spade, and Rob Schneider's nerdy roles.

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3. In 2003, Craig Kilborn had a role in the movie Old School, as "Mark", the philandering boyfriend of Ellen Pompeo's character.

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4. In a 1997 interview with Esquire, Craig Kilborn made jokes regarding Daily Show co-creator and head writer Lizz Winstead, saying, "To be honest, Lizz does find me very attractive.

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5. In the 9th grade, Craig Kilborn was recruited by the Northside Magicians, an all-star basketball team in Minneapolis.

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