36 Facts About Cub Swanson


Kevin Luke "Cub" Swanson was born on November 2,1983 and is an American professional mixed martial artist.

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Cub Swanson currently competes in the Bantamweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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Cub Swanson was born and raised mostly in Palm Springs, California, on November 2,1983.

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Cub Swanson's widely used nickname Cub originates from his early childhood, as his brother could not say Swanson's real name and opted to call him Cub.

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Cub Swanson has two older brothers Steve and Aaron, and two sisters of which one has Down syndrome.

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Cub Swanson's father died of melanoma three months after he was born.

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Cub Swanson started playing soccer at the age of four, dreaming of a professional career and playing in the World Cup.

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Cub Swanson then attended Cathedral City High School, along with future boxer Timothy Bradley.

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At the time, Cub Swanson associated himself with local gangs and participated in many streets fights.

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At the age of 19, Cub Swanson started working for United Cerebral Palsy, where he helped children with disabilities.

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Cub Swanson next defeated Micah Miller at WEC 28 via unanimous decision.

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Cub Swanson was scheduled to fight Jens Pulver in Pulvers 145lb debut, the fight was pushed back three months when Pulver sustained an injury in training camp; Cub Swanson accused Pulver of trying to duck the fight, which Pulver denied.

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Cub Swanson took Swanson down multiple times throughout the fight.

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Cub Swanson was expected to face Erik Koch on March 3,2011, at UFC Live: Sanchez vs Kampmann.

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Cub Swanson boasted "I'm the more complete fighter and I have the tools to shut him down".

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Cub Swanson won the fight via TKO in the second round, earning him Knockout of the Night bonus.

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Cub Swanson was expected to face Dennis Siver on February 16,2013, at UFC on Fuel TV: Barao vs McDonald.

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Cub Swanson lost the one-sided fight via submission in closing seconds of the fifth round.

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Cub Swanson won the back and forth fight via unanimous decision.

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Cub Swanson fought with touted prospect Doo Ho Choi on December 10,2016, at UFC 206.

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Cub Swanson faced Brian Ortega on December 9,2017, at UFC Fight Night 123.

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Cub Swanson faced Frankie Edgar in a rematch on April 21,2018, at UFC Fight Night 128.

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Cub Swanson lost the fight via a rear-naked choke submission in the first round.

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Cub Swanson faced Shane Burgos on May 4,2019, at UFC Fight Night 151.

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Cub Swanson faced Kron Gracie on October 12,2019, at UFC on ESPN+ 19.

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The days leading to the bout saw a media clash between the fighters, as Cub Swanson claimed several Brazilian jiu-jitsu gyms had refused him entry after learning he was going to fight a member of the Gracie family, to which Gracie answered supporting those views and criticizing Cub Swanson's work ethic.

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Cub Swanson won the fight via knockout in the second round, marking his first finish since July 2013.

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Cub Swanson was briefly linked to a bout against Gavin Tucker on May 1,2021, at UFC on ESPN: Reyes vs Prochazka.

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Cub Swanson faced Darren Elkins on December 18,2021, at UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs Daukaus.

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Cub Swanson faced Jonathan Martinez in Cub Swanson's bantamweight debut on October 15,2022 at UFC Fight Night 212.

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Cub Swanson lost the fight via technical knockout in round two.

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MMA junkie reported "Cub Swanson is a man who will give you a gritty, exciting fight".

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In other cases, Cub Swanson would throw a single ducking roundhouse kick with no set up, like in his fight with Ross Pearson and Doo Ho Choi.

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Cub Swanson tends to feint while punching, as exemplified in WEC 52.

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Cub Swanson stated on his UFC profile that Superman double wrist lock is his favorite move.

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Cub Swanson taught intermediate MMA classes at the UFC Gym on May 10,2017.

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