27 Facts About Cybill Shepherd


Cybill Shepherd had an older sister, Terry, and has a younger brother, William.


Cybill Shepherd was named with a blend of her grandfather Cy and her father Bill's names.


Cybill Shepherd competed at the 1968 "Model of the Year" contest at age 18, resulting in fashion model assignments through high school and afterwards.


In 1972, Cybill Shepherd was cast opposite Charles Grodin in The Heartbreak Kid.


Cybill Shepherd played Kelly, a young woman for whom Grodin's character falls while on his honeymoon in Miami.


Also in 1972, Cybill Shepherd posed as a Kodak Girl for the camera manufacturer's then-ubiquitous cardboard store poster displays.


In 1974, Cybill Shepherd again teamed up with Peter Bogdanovich for the title role in Daisy Miller, based on the Henry James novella.


Cybill Shepherd returned with good reviews for her work in Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver.


Cybill Shepherd portrayed Betsy, a volunteer for a presidential candidate with whom Robert De Niro's character, Travis Bickle, becomes infatuated.


Already sitting in on an acting class taught by Stella Adler, Cybill Shepherd was offered work at a dinner theater in Norfolk, Virginia, and turned to friend Orson Welles for advice.


Cybill Shepherd encouraged her to get experience on stage in front of an audience, anywhere but Los Angeles or New York City, away from the harsh big-city critics so she moved back to her home town of Memphis to work in regional theatre.


In 1982, Cybill Shepherd returned to New York and to the stage when she played alongside James MacArthur in a theatre tour of Lunch Hour by Jean Kerr.


Cybill Shepherd starred in Chances Are with Robert Downey Jr.


Cybill Shepherd then reprised her role as Jacy in Texasville, the sequel to The Last Picture Show, as the original cast reunited 20 years after filming the original.


Cybill Shepherd appeared in Woody Allen's Alice and Eugene Levy's Once Upon a Crime, as well as several television films.


That same year, Cybill Shepherd hosted a short-lived syndicated talk show version of the book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, but left the show in early 2001.


Cybill Shepherd has played Martha Stewart in two television films: Martha, Inc.


From 2007 until it ended, Cybill Shepherd appeared on The L Word as Phyllis Kroll for the show's final three seasons.


On November 7,2008, Cybill Shepherd guest-starred in a February episode of the CBS drama Criminal Minds.


In July 2012, Cybill Shepherd made her Broadway debut in the revival of Gore Vidal's The Best Man at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre alongside James Earl Jones, John Stamos, John Larroquette, Kristin Davis, and Elizabeth Ashley to positive reviews.


In 2023, Cybill Shepherd starred in the Lifetime film How to Murder Your Husband: The Nancy Brophy Story, where she portrayed Nancy Brophy, opposite Steve Guttenberg as Daniel Brophy, in a dramatization of the Murder of Daniel Brophy.


Cybill Shepherd was present at the opening of the National Civil Rights Museum in her hometown of Memphis, to which she lent financial support.


Cybill Shepherd became pregnant, and the couple married that year.


In 1987, Cybill Shepherd became pregnant by chiropractor Bruce Oppenheim and married him.


In June 2012, Cybill Shepherd became engaged to psychologist Andrei Nikolajevic.


Cybill Shepherd was raised Christian, but stated that she eventually "lost touch" with the religion.


In October 2014, Cybill Shepherd said that she had reconnected with her Christian faith.