15 Facts About Dale Pollock


Dale Pollock has produced thirteen feature films, one of which received an Academy Award nomination for Cinematography.


Dale Pollock was Professor of Cinema Studies at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts from January 2007 to December 2019.


Dale Pollock served as Interim Dean from January 1 to July 31,2021, and is currently Emeritus Professor in the School of Filmmaking.


Dale Pollock's children are Owen Pollock, Leo Pollock and Zoe Di Novi.


In 2008 Dale Pollock began writing a monthly audio book column for the Winston Salem Journal.


In 1985, Dale Pollock joined The David Geffen Company as a development executive.


Dale Pollock founded and ran his own film company, Peak Productions, for 10 years, producing Set It Off in 1996, among other films.


Dale Pollock held the position until 2006, when he became a professor in Cinema Studies.


Dale Pollock had previously taught at the Peter Stark Graduate Program at the University of Southern California, the School of Professional Writing at the University of Southern California, Salem College, and the American Film Institute where he was co-chair of the Producing Program.


Dale Pollock served as its Executive Director of the latter until the end of 2006, when he became chairman of the board of directors.


Dale Pollock received the title of Professor Emeritus in December 2019.


Dale Pollock served as Interim Dean of the School of Filmmaking for the Spring semester, from January through July 2021.


Dale Pollock has appeared on several national news programs, including Dateline NBC, Nightline, and National Public Radio's Morning Edition.


Dale Pollock has presented workshops on film producing and film ethics and has moderated several panels at major film festivals including Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, Boston Film Festival and Palm Springs International Film Festival.


Dale Pollock was a producer in all films unless otherwise noted.