17 Facts About Dan O'Bannon


Daniel Thomas O'Bannon was an American film screenwriter, director and visual effects supervisor, usually in the science fiction and horror genres.


Dan O'Bannon wrote and directed the cult horror comedy The Return of the Living Dead.


Dan O'Bannon contributed computer animation to Star Wars and worked on cult classics such as Dark Star, Heavy Metal, and Total Recall.


Dan O'Bannon was born in St Louis, Missouri, the son of Bertha and Thomas Sidney Dan O'Bannon, a carpenter.


Dan O'Bannon attended the art school of Washington University in St Louis, where he did stand-up comedy routines, did make-up for campus theater productions, and provided illustrations for Student Life, the student newspaper.


Dan O'Bannon received a bachelor's degree in film from USC in 1970.


Dan O'Bannon served in a number of capacities, including scripting, acting in one of the leading roles and editing, for which he used a 1940s Moviola.


Dan O'Bannon was retained to supervise special effects for an Alejandro Jodorowsky production of Frank Herbert's Dune.


Dan O'Bannon's role is prominently featured in the 2013 documentary Jodorowsky's Dune.


The collapse of Dune left Dan O'Bannon broke, homeless, and dependent on friends for his survival.


In 1981, Dan O'Bannon helped create the animated feature Heavy Metal, writing two of its segments.


Dan O'Bannon voiced his displeasure with his next big-budget outing, John Badham's Blue Thunder, an action film about a Los Angeles helicopter surveillance team.


In 1985, Dan O'Bannon moved into the director's chair with The Return of the Living Dead, a sequel to George Romero's Night of the Living Dead.


Dan O'Bannon's second directorial feature, The Resurrected, was a low-budget horror effort released direct-to-video.


In 2001, Dan O'Bannon was the filmmaker-in-residence at Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.


Dan O'Bannon died from complications of Crohn's disease in Los Angeles on December 17,2009.


Dan O'Bannon credited his experiences with Crohn's for inspiring the chest-bursting scene from Alien.