15 Facts About Dan Wagner


Daniel Maurice Wagner was born on 28 July 1963 and is a British Internet entrepreneur.


Dan Wagner created MAID, one of the first online information platforms in 1984.


Dan Wagner was later the founder and CEO of Venda, ATTRAQT, Powa Technologies and most recently, Rezolve.


Dan Wagner was educated at Merchant Taylors' School, Northwood but expelled when he was 13, before attending several schools, ending up at University College School, London.


Dan Wagner dropped out of school when he was sixteen years old to work as a shop assistant for entrepreneur Julian Richer at Richer Sounds.


Dan Wagner grew quickly and obtained a 26 percent market-share.


Dan Wagner became known for becoming a CEO of a public company in his 20s and for presiding over the company's share price decline in the dot-com crash in 2000.

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In 1997, Dan Wagner agreed a deal to license search technology to Fujitsu of Japan which was hailed by Prime Minister Tony Blair.


In 2003, Dan Wagner co-founded Attraqt - an e-commerce software company - with CEO Andre Brown.


Dan Wagner took Attraqt public on AIM in August 2014.


In November 2016, the newspaper City AM reported that Dan Wagner was to enter into legal proceedings against a former Powa directors and investors, accusing them of colluding to force the company into administration.


White and Dan Wagner subsequently settled all claims in a private agreement.


Under Dan Wagner, Rezolve developed a tool that allowed smartphone users to scan items in print and TV ads and purchase them, or request more information.


The Financial Times noted Rezolve's function was similar to PowaTag, but Dan Wagner told Business Insider he didn't use IP that didn't belong to him.


In 2021, Dan Wagner took Rezolve public in a merger with Armada Acquisition Corporation, a financial technology SPAC, in a $2 billion deal.