29 Facts About Danny John-Jules

1. Danny John-Jules is an avid motorcyclist and regularly participates in charity rides.

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2. Danny John-Jules is among the dancers in the restaurant where Kermit and Miss Piggy are dancing.

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3. Danny John-Jules has a small role as Rachel Weisz' manager in the Lincoln, Nebraska police force in the 2010 film The Whistleblower.

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4. Danny John-Jules appeared in the 2009 independent film The Tournament, produced by Shakabuku Films.

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5. Danny John-Jules has appeared, uncredited, in the 1979 British film Scum, playing a look-out during a fight scene.

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6. Danny John-Jules said, "Danny John-Jules could change his clothes every four seconds for a year and he still wouldn't run out of clothes.

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7. Danny John-Jules was unaware that he was late and hence did not appear at all concerned about it.

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8. Danny John-Jules obtained the part of Cat by turning up half an hour late for his audition, dressed in his father's old zoot suit.

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9. Danny John-Jules gets up partway through the instrumental section and dances alongside George Michael.

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10. Danny John-Jules was a member of the original cast of Starlight Express, playing a boxcar called Rocky I In 1993, he released a song from Red Dwarf, "Tongue Tied", as a single, which entered the top 20, eventually reaching a high of 17.

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11. Danny John-Jules was eliminated from the show on 11 November 2018.

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12. Danny John-Jules was born on 16 September 1960 and is an English actor, singer and dancer.

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13. Danny John-Jules says he should've expressed his "gratitude" to his Strictly Come Dancing partner Amy Dowden "more often".

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14. Danny John-Jules proved he isn't just a dancer, or a space-dwelling feline with a killer wardrobe—he's a singer who reached the top 20s of the chart with his single, Tongue Tied, lifted from Red Dwarf.

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15. Danny John-Jules is another participant in the dance show Strictly Come Dancing 2018.

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16. Danny John-Jules is most famous for playing Cat in long-running sci-fi comedy series, Red Dwarf, and for a seven-year stint as Caribbean copper Dwayne Myers in Death in Paradise.

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17. Danny John-Jules was on target again for the under-18s as they beat Belgium to win the Spain tournament.

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18. Danny John-Jules hits back over accusations of 'arrogance' on 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

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19. Danny John-Jules has hit back at accusations of "arrogance" in the aftermath of his Strictly Come Dancing exit.

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20. Danny John-Jules breaks Strictly silence as he hits back at claims of 'arrogance'.

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21. Danny John-Jules is currently participating in the 16th series of Strictly Come Dancing, partnered with professional dancer Amy Dowden.

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22. Danny John-Jules provided his voice for the character of Gex in the UK and European release of Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko.

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23. Danny John-Jules played one of the dancers in the 1981 movie The Great Muppet Caper.

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24. On television, Danny John-Jules is best known for his portrayal of Cat and Cat's geeky alter ego Duane Dibbley in the British comedy series Red Dwarf.

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25. Danny John-Jules danced on the Lena Zavaroni TV Series in 1981, and has made a tribute to her on her website.

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26. Danny John-Jules featured his Red Dwarf co-stars and backup singers in the video.

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27. Danny John-Jules has played the role of Cat in the science fiction comedy series Red Dwarf since its inception in 1988.

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28. Danny John-Jules was born in Paddington, London, brought up in Notting Hill and attended Rutherford Comprehensive School from 1972 to 1977 where he learnt gymnastics.

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29. Danny John-Jules is an English actor, singer and dancer.

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