28 Facts About Darrell Bevell

1. Darrell Bevell is expected to interview with the Falcons within the next two days, per Rapoport.

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2. Darrell Bevell will meet with two teams about returning to an offensive coordinator position.

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3. Darrell Bevell previously interviewed for the Falcons job, but that position has already been filled by ex-Bucs head coach Dirk Koetter.

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4. The Lions are hoping that Darrell Bevell will be the answer after the QB managed just 3,777 passing yards in 2018.

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5. On January 16, 2019, Darrell Bevell was hired by the Detroit Lions to be their offensive coordinator, replacing Jim Bob Cooter.

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6. Darrell Bevell was one of only a few scouts to attend Wilson's pro-day, and the Seahawks ultimately drafted him in the third round.

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7. Darrell Bevell previously served in the same position for the Minnesota Vikings from 2006 to 2010 and the Seattle Seahawks from 2011 to 2017.

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8. Darrell Bevell was Minnesota's offensive coordinator during the Brad Childress era, which of course included the magical, Brett Favre-led season of 2009.

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9. Darrell Bevell was actually a finalist for the Bears' head coaching job in 2013.

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10. Darrell Bevell has not worked with Nagy previously, but they do have a common link.

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11. Darrell Bevell might seem like an odd fit at first for many Cougar fans.

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12. Darrell Bevell has held this team back for far too long, if the Hawks continue to struggle he needs to finally be fired.

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13. Darrell Bevell is dwelling in the former camp and not joining us in the latter.

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14. Darrell Bevell led the team to win the 1995 Hall of Fame Bowl game, giving Wisconsin their first back-to-back bowl wins.

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15. Darrell Bevell spent the last seven seasons heading up the Seattle offense, and was told of the team's decision to let him go on Tuesday night, Pro Football Talk reports.

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16. Darrell Bevell was the offensive coordinator and oversaw the passing game and Cable the offensive line coach and run game coordinator.

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17. Darrell Bevell is the Badgers' only married player and only member of the LDS church—all of which leads to good-natured ribbing from teammates.

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18. Darrell Bevell was doubly criticized after the game for saying Lockette "could have done a better job staying strong on the ball" running the route against physical corner Brandon Browner.

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19. Darrell Bevell was supposed to be high on the list of presumptive Colts head coach Josh McDaniels and general manager Chris Ballard.

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20. Darrell Bevell is a darkhorse candidate to be the the Giants offensive coordinator, according to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport.

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21. Darrell Bevell is an American football coach and former player.

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22. Darrell Bevell has interviewed for the Arizona, Jacksonville and Chicago jobs over the past few seasons.

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23. Darrell Bevell made arguably the biggest play of his college career in the 4th quarter of that game vs UCLA.

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24. Darrell Bevell was a 4-year starter at Wisconsin, playing in 45 games and throwing 59 touchdowns against 39 interceptions.

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25. Darrell Bevell was on the Packers' coaching staff as an offensive assistant and as Brett Favre's.

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26. Darrell Bevell acknowledged making the call, but remarked that Lockette could have been more aggressive on the play.

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27. In 2000, Darrell Bevell was hired by the Green Bay Packers as an offensive assistant.

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28. In 2009, Darrell Bevell was reunited with Brett Favre, but this time being the offensive coordinator, and having the play-calling duties.

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