27 Facts About Dave Foley


Dave Foley was born on January 4,1963 and is a Canadian actor, stand-up comedian, director, producer and writer.


Dave Foley is the son of Mary and Michael, a steamfitter.


Dave Foley played Lewis Allen in the miniseries Anne of Avonlea.


When it was greenlighted, Dave Foley appeared in the film because he was contractually obligated to do so.


Dave Foley is the only member of the group who is uncredited as a writer.


Dave Foley rejoined the troupe in 2000 and has been an integral part of their various reformations.


Dave Foley appeared in the Kids in the Hall 2010 reunion project Death Comes to Town.


In 1999 Dave Foley portrayed Troy, the house mate of Eve in Blast From The Past.


Dave Foley was recently reunited with NewsRadio writer Joe Furey when he recorded the special featurette Working with Joe Furey, an add-on to Furey's comedy Love and Support.


Dave Foley released his stand-up special, Relatively Well in January 2013, distributed by Showtime.


In 2004, Dave Foley became host of Celebrity Poker Showdown on Bravo.


Dave Foley played a high school principal in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


From 2011 to 2012, Dave Foley played Jerry Dunham, the boss of Andrew Carlson in the short-lived CBS sitcom How to Be a Gentleman.


In 2012 and 2013, Dave Foley played Dr Fulton, Brick's school therapist in The Middle, where in "Life Skills", he refers to Brick's classmates as "the kids in the hall", after an awkward pause and glance by both characters and mentioning that their behavior is similar to those of comedy sketches from The Kids in the Hall.


In February 2013, Dave Foley played Detective Bob Moore for the three last seasons in the TV Land sitcom, Hot in Cleveland, starred in the third season of Robson Arms on CTV and starred in the CTV sitcom Spun Out in 2014.


In 1993, Dave Foley appeared along with Mark McKinney and Kevin McDonald in the music video for the song "Heterosexual Man" by Vancouver band Odds.


Dave Foley appeared, as one of the Daves, in fellow cast member Bruce McCulloch's music video "The Daves I Know".


Dave Foley starred in the music video for the 2005 song "Yellow Datsun" by Neva Dinova.


Dave Foley appeared in the music video for the band's song "Desire 126".


In 2010, Dave Foley appeared in a music video for the Los Angeles band Black Robot's cover of the JJ Cale song "Cocaine", which was filmed at the burlesque club Jumbo's Clown Room.


Dave Foley married Canadian writer Tabatha Southey on December 31,1991.


In 2001, an interim child support agreement obligated Dave Foley to pay Southey $10,700 a month, a figure based on his income when NewsRadio was in production.


Dave Foley married his second wife, actress Crissy Guerrero, on August 1,2002.


Guerrero and Dave Foley subsequently reconciled and were remarried on December 31,2016.


Dave Foley "used to drink quite a bit", but stopped drinking on December 22,2014, after he fell backwards while intoxicated, resulting in a severe head injury.


Dave Foley received a subdural hematoma and spent four days in the intensive care unit.


Dave Foley is a fan of coffee, claiming to drink up to "50 cups a day when I am on set".