31 Facts About Dave Gibbons


David Chester Gibbons was born on 14 April 1949 and is an English comics artist, writer and sometimes letterer.


Dave Gibbons is best known for his collaborations with writer Alan Moore, which include the miniseries Watchmen and the Superman story "For the Man Who Has Everything".


Dave Gibbons was an artist for 2000 AD, for which he contributed a large body of work from its first issue in 1977.


Dave Gibbons was born on 14 April 1949, at Forest Gate Hospital in London, to Chester, a town planner, and Gladys, a secretary.


Dave Gibbons began reading comic books at the age of seven.


Dave Gibbons became a building surveyor but eventually entered the UK comics industry as a letterer for IPC Media.


Dave Gibbons left his surveyor job to focus on his comics career.


Dave Gibbons's earliest published work was in British underground comics, starting with The Trials of Nasty Tales, including the main cover illustration, and continuing in cOZmic Comics produced by Felix Dennis.


Dave Gibbons entered the British comics industry by working on horror and action titles for both DC Thomson and IPC.


Midway through the comic's first year he began illustrating Dan Dare, a cherished project for Dave Gibbons who had been a fan of the original series and artist Frank Hampson who, alongside Frank Bellamy, Don Lawrence and Ron Turner are well-liked and inspirational artists to Dave Gibbons, whose "style evolved out of [his] love for the MAD magazine artists like Wally Wood and Will Elder".


Dave Gibbons returned to the pages of "the Galaxy's Greatest Comic" in the early 1980s to create Rogue Trooper with writer Gerry Finley-Day and produce an early run on that feature, before handing it over to a succession of other artists.


Dave Gibbons illustrated a handful of Tharg's Future Shocks shorts, primarily with author Alan Moore.


Dave Gibbons was known, by sight but not by name, to readers of the short-lived IPC title Tornado.


Dave Gibbons was one of the British comic talents identified by Len Wein in 1982 for American publisher DC Comics: he was hired primarily to draw "Green Lantern Corps" backup stories within the pages of Green Lantern.


Dave Gibbons drew the lead story in The Brave and the Bold No 200 which featured a team-up of the Batmen of Earth-One and Earth-Two.


In issue No 182, Wein and Dave Gibbons made architect John Stewart, who had been introduced previously in issue No 87, the title's primary character.


Dave Gibbons returned to pencil the backup story "Mogo Doesn't Socialize" with Alan Moore in issue No 188.


Dave Gibbons was one of the contributors to the DC Challenge limited series and in December 1986, he contributed to Harrier Comics' Brickman No 1 alongside Kevin O'Neill, Lew Stringer and others.


Dave Gibbons is best known in the US for collaborating with Alan Moore on the 12-issue limited series Watchmen, now one of the best-selling graphic novels of all time, and the only one to feature on Times "Top 100 Novels" list.


Dave Gibbons believes that his own involvement likely came about after the idea was already in its early initial stages.


Dave Gibbons said 'Oh, yeah great' and sent me the outline for it.


Dave Gibbons lettered Watchmen and it was his lettering style that later served as one of two reference sources used by Vincent Connare when creating the controversial font Comic Sans in 1994.


Dave Gibbons returned to Watchmen in 2008, producing the behind-the-scenes book Watching the Watchmen to tie into the release of the 2009 film.


Particular highlights included, in 1990, Dave Gibbons writing the three-issue World's Finest miniseries for artist Steve Rude and DC, while drawing Give Me Liberty for writer Frank Miller and Dark Horse Comics.


Dave Gibbons penned the first Batman Versus Predator crossover for artists Andy and Adam Kubert, and inked Rick Veitch and Stephen R Bissette for half of Alan Moore's 1963 Image Comics series.


In Marvel Edge's Savage Hulk No 1, Dave Gibbons wrote, penciled, inked, coloured and lettered "Old Friends", a version of the events of Captain America No 110 from the point of view of the Hulk.


Dave Gibbons designed the logo for Oni Press in 1997.


Dave Gibbons was one of the artists on the Superman and Batman: World's Funnest one-shot written by Evan Dorkin and in December 2001 Dave Gibbons collaborated with Stan Lee on Just Imagine.


Dave Gibbons provided cover artwork for the flagship title, Albion, the six-issue limited series written by Leah Moore and her husband, John Reppion and co-plotted by her father, Alan Moore.


Dave Gibbons provided covers for three issues of writers Kurt Busiek and Fabian Nicieza's run on Action Comics and co-penciled the Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps issue as part of the "Sinestro Corps" story arc.


Dave Gibbons drew the 1950s variant cover for Action Comics No 1000.