19 Facts About Dave Grusin


Robert David Grusin was born on June 26,1934 and is an American composer, arranger, producer, jazz pianist, and band leader.


Dave Grusin has composed many scores for feature films and television, and has won numerous awards for his soundtrack and record work, including an Academy Award and 10 Grammy Awards.


In 1978, Dave Grusin founded GRP Records with Larry Rosen, and was an early pioneer of digital recording.


Dave Grusin was born in Littleton, Colorado, to Henri and Rosabelle Dave Grusin.


Dave Grusin's father, who was a violinist, was born and raised in Riga, Latvia, then part of the Russian Empire, from where he emigrated to the United States in 1913.


Dave Grusin studied music at the University of Colorado at Boulder and received his degree in 1956.


Dave Grusin's teachers included Cecil Effinger and Wayne Scott, pianist, arranger and professor of jazz.


Dave Grusin produced his first single in 1962, "Subways Are for Sleeping", and his first film score, for Divorce American Style, in 1967.


In 1978, Dave Grusin founded GRP Records with his business partner, Larry Rosen, and began to produce some of the first commercial digital recordings.


Dave Grusin was the composer for On Golden Pond, Tootsie, and The Goonies.


Dave Grusin composed the musical signatures for the 1984 TriStar Pictures logo and the 1993 Columbia Pictures Television logo.


Dave Grusin received a Best Original Song nomination for "It Might Be You" from the film Tootsie.


Dave Grusin composed the original opening fanfare for film studio TriStar Pictures.


Dave Grusin composed music for individual episodes of each of those shows.


Dave Grusin received honorary doctorates from Berklee College of Music in 1988 and University of Colorado, College of Music in 1989.


Dave Grusin was initiated into the Beta Chi Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia at the University of Colorado in 1991.


Dave Grusin has been married to Nan Newton for many years and has three adult children, Scott Grusin, Michael Grusin, and Stuart Grusin.


Dave Grusin is the stepfather of Nan's adult daughter, Annie Vought.


Over a 15-year period from 1979 to 1994, Dave Grusin won one Academy Award, and received a further 7 nominations.