12 Facts About Dave Meltzer


David Allen Meltzer was born on October 24,1959 and is an American journalist and sports historian who reports on professional wrestling and mixed martial arts.


Dave Meltzer is a frequent lecturer on many aspects of the business of MMA, professional wrestling, and boxing at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University.


Since 1983, Dave Meltzer has been the publisher and editor of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.


Dave Meltzer has extensively covered mixed martial arts since UFC 1 in 1993 and covers the sport for SB Nation.


Dave Meltzer has been called "the most accomplished reporter in sports journalism" by Frank Deford of Sports Illustrated.


Dave Meltzer lived in upstate New York, later moving with his family to San Jose, California.


Dave Meltzer earned a journalism degree from San Jose State University and started out as a sportswriter for the Wichita Falls Times Record News and the Turlock Journal.


Dave Meltzer demonstrated an interest in professional wrestling and a journalistic approach to it early in life.


Dave Meltzer wrote several wrestling-related publications that predate WON, dating back to 1971.


The beginnings of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter date back to 1980, when Dave Meltzer began an annual poll amongst those with whom he corresponded regarding professional wrestling.


Dave Meltzer stated that he wanted to keep his friends in college "in the loop" for his tape trading and the happenings in the business, as the mainstream wrestling magazines catered to a somewhat younger demographic.


PWInsider's Dave Scherer pointed that Meltzer is a "pioneer in wrestling reporting" since he had success reporting real life and behind the scenes events.