21 Facts About Davey O'Brien


Robert David O'Brien was an American football quarterback.

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Davey O'Brien played college football at Texas Christian University and professionally in the National Football League with the Philadelphia Eagles for two seasons.

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In 1938, Davey O'Brien won the Heisman Trophy and the Maxwell Award, and was the fourth overall pick of the 1939 NFL draft.

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Davey O'Brien was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1955.

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Since 1981, the Davey O'Brien Award is given annually to the best quarterback in college football.

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Davey O'Brien was an All-State selection and led the high school to the Texas state playoffs in 1932.

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Davey O'Brien played college football at nearby TCU in Fort Worth in 1935 as a backup for Sammy Baugh.

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Davey O'Brien became the starter in 1937, and was named to the first-team All-Southwest Conference.

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In 1938, Davey O'Brien threw for 1,457 yards – a Southwest Conference passing record that stood for ten years.

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Davey O'Brien had only four interceptions in 194 attempts, and his NCAA record for most rushing and passing plays in a single season still stands today.

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Davey O'Brien was named to 13 All-America teams and became the first player to win the Heisman and Maxwell awards in the same year.

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Davey O'Brien was the first Heisman winner from TCU and the Southwest Conference.

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Davey O'Brien majored in geology and expressed little interest in pro football in January 1939.

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Davey O'Brien was the fourth overall pick of the 1939 NFL draft, held in December 1938.

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Davey O'Brien became the first Heisman trophy winner to play in the NFL.

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Davey O'Brien was a defensive back and punter, intercepted four passes for 92 yards and punted nine times for an average of 40.

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Davey O'Brien was a firearms instructor at Quantico, Virginia, and spent the last five years of his FBI career in Dallas.

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Davey O'Brien later entered the oil business, working for Dresser Atlas Industries of Dallas.

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Davey O'Brien was president of the TCU Alumni Association, a YMCA board member, a chair of the Tarrant County Democratic Party, a supporter of Golden Gloves youth boxing programs, and a deacon of University Christian Church.

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Davey O'Brien was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame in 1955 and the Texas Sports Hall of Fame in 1956.

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In 1971, Davey O'Brien was diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery to remove a kidney and part of his right lung, but eventually died from the disease on November 18,1977.

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