18 Facts About David Bisbal


David Bisbal Ferre was born on 5 June 1979 and is a Spanish singer, songwriter, and actor.

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David Bisbal gained his initial fame as a runner-up on the interactive reality television show Operacion Triunfo.

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David Bisbal has since released five studio albums, all of which topped the Spanish Albums Chart, in addition to recording a number of live albums.

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David Bisbal has toured throughout Europe and Latin America and is considered to be a crossover international artist.

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David Bisbal was born on 7 June 1979 in Almeria, Spain.

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David Bisbal's parents are Jose Bisbal, a professional boxer who was Spanish national Bantamweight and Featherweight champion and part of a trio of flamenco musicians, and Maria Ferre Montoya.

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David Bisbal went on to audition for 'Pop Idol, ' in Barcelona, Spain.

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David Bisbal reached the final, where he placed as the runner-up to Rosa Lopez.

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David Bisbal came second in the Eurovision phase with the song "Corazon Latino", losing to Rosa Lopez.

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David Bisbal went on to sing "Europe's Living a Celebration" for Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2002 competition in Tallinn.

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David Bisbal signed a contract with Vale Music Record label and released his first album, recorded in Miami under the title Corazon Latino with producer and songwriter Kike Santander.

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In January 2003, David Bisbal received an Amigo award in Madrid's Palacio de Cristal de la Arganzuela.

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In 2008, David Bisbal performed a duet with Rihanna, "Hate That I Love You", which was included in the re-issue of Good Girl Gone Bad.

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David Bisbal sang the theme song for the soap opera "Herederos de una venganza".

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David Bisbal played a total of 128 concerts in such unique venues as the Royal Albert Hall in London, Carnegie Hall in New York, and Luna Park in Buenos Aires.

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On 15 November 2012, in Las Vegas, David Bisbal won his third Latin Grammy, this time in the category "Best Traditional Pop Album".

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David Bisbal's career took a turn towards its beginnings when he joined the Spanish reality talent show La Voz as a judge, acting as coach to eventual winner Rafa Blas in the first series.

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However, in January 2014 after appearing on two seasons of the Spanish show and one of the Mexican edition, David Bisbal announced he would leave these roles due to a heavy schedule of live and promotional work for his new album Tu y Yo.

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