40 Facts About David Cassidy


David Bruce Cassidy was an American actor, singer, songwriter, and guitarist.


David Cassidy was best known for his role as Keith Partridge, the son of Shirley Partridge, in the 1970s musical-sitcom The Partridge Family.


David Cassidy was born at Flower Fifth Avenue Hospital in New York City, the son of singer and actor Jack David Cassidy and actress Evelyn Ward.


David Cassidy's father was of half Irish and half German ancestry, and his mother was descended mostly from Colonial Americans, along with having some Irish and Swiss roots.


In 1956, David Cassidy's father married singer and actress Shirley Jones.


In 1968, after completing one final session of summer school to obtain credits necessary to get a high school diploma, David moved into the rental home of Jack Cassidy and Shirley Jones in Irvington, New York, where his half-brothers lived.


David Cassidy moved out when his career began to flourish.


Aarons became an authority figure and close friend to David Cassidy and was the driving force behind his on-screen success.


On January 2,1969, David Cassidy made his professional debut in the Broadway musical The Fig Leaves Are Falling.


In 1970, David Cassidy took the role of Keith Partridge on the musical television show The Partridge Family.


David Cassidy began tours that featured Partridge tunes and his own hits.


David Cassidy's fanclub nicknamed a star after him in the International Star Registry in 1983.


Ten albums by The Partridge Family and five solo albums by David Cassidy were produced during the series, with most selling more than a million copies each.


David Cassidy became an instant drawing card, with sellout concert successes in major arenas around the world.


Out of respect for the family and to avoid turning the girl's funeral into a media circus, David Cassidy did not attend the service, although he spoke to Whelan's parents and sent flowers.


David Cassidy stated at the time that this would haunt him until the day he died.


David Cassidy became the first recording artist to have a hit with "I Write the Songs", peaking at No 11 in the Top 30 in Great Britain before the song became Barry Manilow's signature tune.


David Cassidy co-produced the recording with the song's author-composer, Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys.


In 1978, David Cassidy starred in an episode of Police Story titled "A Chance to Live", for which he was nominated for an Emmy Award.


David Cassidy later stated he was broke by the 1980s, despite being successful and highly paid.


David Cassidy, in turn, was himself a replacement for the lead in the original 1982 Broadway production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.


Cassidy returned to the American top 40 with his 1990 single "Lyin' to Myself", released on Enigma Records, from his 1990 album David Cassidy, followed by the 1992 album Didn't You Used to Be.


From November 1996 to December 1998, David Cassidy starred in the Las Vegas show EFX at the MGM Grand Las Vegas.


In 2000, David Cassidy wrote and appeared in the Las Vegas show At the Copa with Sheena Easton, as both the young and old versions of the lead character, Johnny Flamingo.


In 2005, David Cassidy played the manager of Aaron Carter's character in the film Popstar.


David Cassidy was one of the contestants on Celebrity Apprentice in 2011.


David Cassidy married his second wife, horse breeder Meryl Tanz, in 1984.


David Cassidy's daughter, actress Katie David Cassidy, was born in 1986 from an extramarital affair with fashion model Sherry Williams.


David Cassidy was arrested for driving under the influence in Florida on November 3,2010.


David Cassidy was arrested for DUI in Schodack, New York, in the early hours of August 21,2013.


David Cassidy was pulled over after failing to dim his headlights as he passed a police car going in the opposite direction.


On May 12,2015, David Cassidy was sentenced to community service, a fine, and a six-month license suspension.


David Cassidy was arrested on suspicion of DUI in California on January 10,2014, after he made an illegal right turn against a red light.


David Cassidy was held overnight in jail, ordered to undergo inpatient rehabilitation, and placed on probation for five years.


On September 9,2015, David Cassidy was cited in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on charges of leaving the scene of a car accident, improper lane change, expired tags and driving on a suspended license.


In 2008, David Cassidy publicly admitted he had an alcohol problem.


On February 20,2017, following a performance in Agoura Hills, California, in which David Cassidy had difficulty remembering the lyrics of songs he had been performing for nearly 50 years, and appeared to fall off the stage, he announced that he was living with dementia and was retiring from all further performing.


Later in 2017, David Cassidy fell ill at a recording studio and was hospitalized.


On November 18,2017, David Cassidy was hospitalized with liver and kidney failure, and was critically ill in a medically induced coma.


David Cassidy came out of the coma two days later, remaining in critical but stable condition.