12 Facts About David Frawley


David Frawley has written numerous books on topics spanning the Vedas, Hinduism, Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic astrology.


David Frawley's works have been popular among the general public.


David Frawley was born to a Catholic family in Wisconsin and had nine siblings.


David Frawley previously taught Chinese herbal medicine and western herbology.


David Frawley criticizes the 19th-century racial interpretations of Indian prehistory, and went on to reject the theory of a conflict between invading caucasoid Aryans and Dravidians.


David Frawley is a practitioner of Ayurveda, and recommends the practice of ascetic rituals along with moral purification as indispensable parts of the Advaita tradition.


David Frawley has been described as a prominent figure of the Hindutva movement and numerous scholars have described him as a Hindutva ideologue and apologist.


David Frawley has been widely accused of practicing historical revisionism.


Meera Nanda asserts David Frawley to be a member of the Hindu far right, who decries Islam and Christianity as religions for the lower intellects and whose works feature a Hindu Supremacist spin.


Peter Heehs deems of him to be part of a group of reactionary orientalists, who professed an avid dislike for the Oriental-Marxist school of historiography and hence, chose to rewrite the history of India but without any training in relevant disciplines; he accused David Frawley of misappropriating Aurobindo's nuanced stance on the Indigenous Aryans hypothesis.


David Frawley's proposed equivalence of Ayurveda with vedic healing traditions has been rejected by Indologists and David Hardiman considers Frawley's assertion to be part of a wider Hindu-nationalist quest.


Irfan Habib criticized David Frawley's invoking the Sarasvati River in the book as an assault against common sense.