47 Facts About David Haye

1. David Haye says he plans to retire before his 31st birthday.

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2. David Haye gave away his titles at cruiserweight and moved up to the heavyweight division.

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3. David Haye said he planned to move up to the heavyweight division.

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4. David Haye hit Maccarinelli with two big punches before the referee stopped the match.

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5. David Haye won the European title on 16 December 2006 when he beat Alexander Gurov.

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6. David Haye moved up to the heavyweight division and beat Monte Barrett in 2008.

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7. David Haye is a British former professional boxer who competed from 2002 to 2018.

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8. David Haye has a wonderful career after he turns into a professional boxer.

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9. In 2001, David Haye got a silver medal during the final of the World Amateur Boxing Championships.

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10. David Haye added: "Dereck can really throw a spanner in the works.

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11. David Haye says Tyson Fury can be an even better fighter in a rematch with Deontay Wilder and will have a huge advantage after surviving the American's biggest punches.

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12. David Haye retired from the sport earlier this year after losing for the second time to Tony Bellew.

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13. David Haye went on to defend his crown two times—against John Ruiz and Audley Harrison—before coming unstuck against the legendary world champion Wladimir Klitschko.

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14. David Haye had only recently moved up to heavyweight having unified the cruiserweight division two years earlier thanks to a famous victory over Frenchman Jean-Marc Mormeck in Paris.

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15. David Haye says the odds are stacked against Tyson Fury this weekend but he warned Deontay Wilder that the giant Gypsy King CAN find a way to beat him.

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16. David Haye fears Tyson Fury's lifestyle in his two-year break from the ring puts Deontay Wilder in command.

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17. David Haye was selected for the final 10 shortlist for the 2010 BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award for his performances against John Ruiz and Audley Harrison.

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18. In November 2012, David Haye took part in the twelfth series of I'm a Celebrity.

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19. David Haye is a UK citizen, having previously held dual Northern Cyprus citizenship in 2010.

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20. David Haye was born to a white English mother and a Jamaican father.

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21. On 12 June 2018, David Haye released a statement via Social Media announcing his retirement.

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22. David Haye stated he would review the tapes and see what went wrong.

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23. Immediately after the fight David Haye congratulated Bellew on the win.

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24. David Haye managed to beat the count again, not long before Bellew started unloading a barrage of punches.

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25. David Haye started the opening two rounds using his jab, leaving a mark around Bellew's right eye.

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26. David Haye weighed 220.2 pounds, 4 pounds lighter than the first fight.

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27. David Haye managed to make it to his feet, but his corner threw in the towel, giving Bellew a TKO win.

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28. On 3 March 2017, David Haye weighed 224.9 pounds, heavier than Bellew who came in at 213lbs, a career high.

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29. David Haye was due to fight Manuel Charr at Manchester Arena on 29 June 2013.

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30. David Haye put retirement on hold and was in negotiations for a possible bout with WBC heavyweight title holder Vitali Klitschko on 3 March 2012.

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31. On 13 November 2010, David Haye defeated Harrison with one minute, seven seconds remaining of the third round by TKO.

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32. David Haye defeated Ruiz in his first WBA title defence by TKO in the ninth round after knocking Ruiz down four times during the fight.

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33. David Haye beat Valuev in a reserved display of accuracy and efficiency, countering Valuev's misses, jabbing and circling his much larger opponent.

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34. David Haye said about Valuev: "He is the ugliest thing I have ever seen.

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35. David Haye described the victory over Maccarinelli as "the final piece" in his cruiserweight jigsaw.

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36. At this point David Haye made his initial mark on history as Britain's first two-belt cruiserweight champion.

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37. David Haye admitted he was taking "a crazy step up" when he fought world-ranked heavyweight Bonin at Wembley Arena.

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38. David Haye had waited seven years for the opportunity to defeat Fragomeni, who controversially out-pointed him as an amateur in the final qualifying tournament for the Sydney Games.

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39. In January 2006, David Haye signed a three-year contract with former Lennox Lewis promoter Frank Maloney to further his world title ambitions.

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40. David Haye easily knocked out Gurov with a single right hand in just 45 seconds.

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41. At the 2001 World Championshsips in Belfast, David Haye fought in the heavyweight division where he defeated Sebastian Kober to reach the final.

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42. At the age of eighteen, David Haye competed in the light-heavyweight division at the 1999 World Amateur Boxing Championships in Houston, Texas.

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43. David Haye started his ambition and passion for boxing at old-school boxing gym Fitzroy Lodge Boxing Club in Lambeth, South London, where he quickly impressed and confidently won his first amateur bouts.

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44. David Haye has confirmed his retirement from boxing today, his 31st birthday.

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45. David Haye confirms his retirement from boxing on his 31st birthday.

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46. David Haye 'will take huge chunk of Dereck Chisora's earnings from O2 rematch', mocks Dillian Whyte.

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47. David Haye makes two big predictions ahead of Tony Bellew and Tyson Fury's super-fights.

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