14 Facts About David Hurles


David Randolph Hurles was born on in Cincinnati and is a gay pornographer, whose one-man company, run from a private mailbox, was called Old Reliable Tape and Picture Company.

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David Hurles's work, produced primarily in the 1970s and 1980s, falls into three categories: photographs, audio tapes, and videotapes.

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David Hurles's first published pictures appeared in Drummer, 21 ; no other magazine would touch them.

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David Hurles shot many covers and centerfolds for Fritscher's zine Man2Man Quarterly, whose mailing address was Hurles' San Francisco apartment.

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David Hurles chose to downplay technical fireworks with his camera in order to focus on the emotional pyrotechnics of his models.

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David Hurles's models, picked up on the street or sent to him by referral, would come to his apartment, get naked, and masturbate.

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David Hurles printed his pictures in his own darkroom, and filled all orders single-handedly.

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David Hurles' pictures have been reproduced repeatedly without his permission and without compensation to him.

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Besides paying for modeling, David Hurles paid many of his models to talk, while alone in a room with the door closed, into an ordinary cassette recorder, typically on how they would like to mistreat gay men.

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David Hurles wrote an introduction: "A Thousand Light Years Ago: Drummer", to Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer, Volume 1.

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David Hurles' memoirs, drafted in 1992 as No Title Necessary: A Few Notes, Comments, and Observations, have not been published.

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David Hurles's company folded, and he lived on welfare and food stamps.

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John Waters declared himself influenced by Hurles, and dedicated to him part of a chapter in his Role Models, stating that "The wonderful, beautiful, scary life of David Hurles has been an inspiration to my inner filth for years".

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David Hurles is a true intellectual, a psychological hobbyist, and even more interesting as a person than he is as a photographer.

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