10 Facts About David Morrell


David Morrell was born on April 24,1943 and is a Canadian-American novelist whose debut 1972 novel First Blood, later adapted as the 1982 film of the same name, went on to spawn the successful Rambo franchise starring Sylvester Stallone.


David Morrell has written 28 novels, and his work has been translated into 30 languages.


David Morrell decided to become a writer at the age of 17, after being inspired by the writing in the classic television series Route 66.


David Morrell began work as an English professor at the University of Iowa in 1970.


David Morrell continued to write many other novels, including The Brotherhood of the Rose, the first in a trilogy of novels, which was adapted into a 1989 NBC miniseries starring Robert Mitchum.


David Morrell gave up his tenure at the university in 1986 in order to write full-time.


David Morrell is the co-president of the International Thriller Writers organization.

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David Morrell is an honorary lifetime member of the Special Operations Association and the Association of Former Intelligence Officers.


David Morrell earned an FAA licence to pilot his own small plane as part of research for his 2009 novel, The Shimmer.


David Morrell was presented with the 2009 ThrillerMaster Award from the ITW.