22 Facts About Deanna Troi


Deanna Troi is a main character in the science-fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation and related TV series and films, portrayed by actress Marina Sirtis.

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Deanna Troi is half-human, half-Betazoid and has the psionic ability to sense emotions.

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Deanna Troi appears in all four Next Generation theatrical films, and made guest appearances on Voyager, Enterprise, Picard, and Lower Decks.

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Deanna Troi's parents are Betazoid Ambassador Lwaxana Deanna Troi and deceased human Starfleet officer Lt.

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Deanna Troi serves as the ship's counselor aboard the Starfleet starships USS Enterprise and Enterprise-E under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

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In Star Trek: Nemesis, Deanna Troi has expanded her empathic abilities, as she is able to connect to another psychic and follow that empathic bond to its source.

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Deanna Troi's is able to communicate telepathically with her mother and other telepathic Betazoids or races with sufficient aptitude.

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Early in the series, Deanna Troi finds herself working with a former lover, the newly assigned first officer to USS Enterprise, Commander William Riker.

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In later episodes, Deanna Troi has romantic involvements with several others, including a brief relationship with Klingon Starfleet officer Lieutenant Worf.

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One of the aliens mentally assaults Deanna Troi and tries to physically assault her in her quarters.

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Deanna Troi's eventually is able to turn the tables on the viceroy using the same connection.

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Deanna Troi is an avid connoisseur of chocolate, a fact that is significant in multiple episodes, including one in which she tells Commander Riker how to properly enjoy eating it.

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Deanna Troi's is known for ordering chocolate-flavored desserts in Ten-Forward, and her love for desserts is a common point of dialogue in many shows.

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Dream-themed episodes include "Phantasms", where Deanna Troi appears as cake in Data's dream and in "Night Terrors", her dreams help save the ship.

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Deanna Troi's had, in total, five readings, all with Gene Roddenberry and other executives.

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Deanna Troi's was just about to return home, in debt and jobless, when she received the phone call alerting her that she had the role of Deanna Troi.

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Deanna Troi's stated that if it had been an hour later, she would have missed that call and been on her way to England.

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Deanna Troi conceptualized her as having four breasts, before his wife told him this was a bad idea.

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In 2016, Deanna Troi was ranked as the 24th-most important character of Starfleet within the Star Trek universe by Wired.

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In 2019, Deanna Troi was ranked the sixth-sexiest Star Trek character by SyFy.

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Deanna Troi appears in the Star Trek: Picard episode "Nepenthe", set twenty years after Nemesis where she is married to Riker and they have two children, Thad and Kestra.

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Deanna Troi appears in the first season finale of the animated Star Trek: Lower Decks, set a year after the events of Nemesis.

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