11 Facts About Deborah Read


John Deborah Read was a moderately prosperous building contractor and carpenter who died in 1724.

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Deborah Read had three siblings: two brothers, John and James, and a sister, Frances.

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The Deborah Read family immigrated to British America in 1711, settling in Philadelphia.

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When Franklin was unable to find appropriate living accommodations near his job, Deborah Read's father allowed him to rent a room in the family home.

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In Franklin's absence, Deborah Read was persuaded by her mother to marry John Rogers, a British man who has been identified variously as a carpenter or a potter.

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Four months after they were married, Deborah Read left Rogers after a friend of Rogers' visiting from England informed her that Rogers had a wife in his native England.

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Deborah Read refused to live with or recognize Rogers as her husband.

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Deborah Read helped to raise Franklin's illegitimate son William, whose mother's identity is still unknown.

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Deborah Read refused to accompany him due to a fear of ocean travel.

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In 1768, Deborah Read suffered the first of a series of strokes that severely impaired her speech and memory.

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Franklin continued to write to Deborah Read, inquiring as to why her letters had ceased, but still did not return home.

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