37 Facts About Dennis Nilsen

1. Dennis Nilsen said that three unidentified victims he had initially confessed to killing—an Irishman in September 1980; a "hippy" in November or December 1980, and a skinhead in April 1981—had been invented to simply "complement the continuity of evidence".

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2. Dennis Nilsen was not charged with this murder as the Crown Prosecution Service decided that a prosecution would not be in the public interest, and would not contribute to his current sentence.

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3. The first murder victim of Dennis Nilsen was identified in 2006 as 14-year-old Stephen Dean Holmes.

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4. In his autobiography, Dennis Nilsen stated that, beginning with his service in the British Army, he constantly lived two separate lives: his "real life" and his "fantasy life".

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5. In 2003, Dennis Nilsen was again transferred to HMP Full Sutton, where he remained incarcerated as a Category A prisoner.

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6. In December 1983, Dennis Nilsen was cut on the face and chest with a razor blade by an inmate named Albert Moffatt, resulting in injuries requiring 89 stitches.

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7. In one of these statements, Dennis Nilsen had said: "I have no tears for my victims; I have no tears for myself, nor those bereaved by my actions".

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8. In response to each charge, Dennis Nilsen entered a plea of not guilty.

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9. Dennis Nilsen was brought to trial on 24 October 1983, charged with six counts of murder and two of attempted murder.

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10. On 26 May 1983, Dennis Nilsen was committed to stand trial at the Old Bailey on five counts of murder and two of attempted murder.

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11. Dennis Nilsen objected to wearing a prison uniform while on remand.

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12. On 11 February 1983, Dennis Nilsen was officially charged with the murder of Stephen Sinclair.

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13. The same day, Dennis Nilsen accompanied police to Melrose Avenue, where he indicated the three locations in the rear garden where he had burned the remains of his victims.

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14. Dennis Nilsen asked why the police were interested in his drains and if the two officers present with Jay were health inspectors.

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15. Dennis Nilsen attempted to dispose of the flesh, internal organs and smaller bones of all three victims killed at Cranley Gardens by flushing their dissected remains down his toilet.

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16. Dennis Nilsen approached Sinclair, knelt before him and said to himself, "Oh Stephen, here I go again", before strangling Sinclair with a ligature constructed with a necktie and a rope.

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17. On 26 January 1983, Dennis Nilsen killed his final victim, 20-year-old Stephen Sinclair.

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18. In May 1982, Dennis Nilsen encountered Carl Stottor, a 21-year-old homosexual, as the youth drank at the Black Cap pub in Camden.

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19. In March 1982, Dennis Nilsen encountered a 23-year-old named John Howlett as he drank in a pub located close to Leicester Square.

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20. Dennis Nilsen was initially resistant to the proposal, but accepted an offer of £1,000 from his landlord to vacate his Melrose Avenue address in order that the property could be renovated.

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21. Dennis Nilsen informed Barlow he should be in hospital and, supporting him, walked the youth into his residence before phoning an ambulance.

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22. Dennis Nilsen killed his third victim, 16-year-old Martyn Duffey, on 17 May 1980.

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23. Dennis Nilsen encountered Ockenden as they both drank in a West End pub.

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24. Dennis Nilsen was questioned in relation to the incident, but Ho decided not to press charges.

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25. Dennis Nilsen attempted to strangle Ho, who managed to flee from his flat and reported the incident to police.

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26. Dennis Nilsen killed his first victim, 14-year-old Stephen Holmes, on 30 December 1978.

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27. Prior to moving into the residence, Dennis Nilsen negotiated a deal with the landlord whereby he and Gallichan had exclusive use of the garden at the rear of the property.

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28. Dennis Nilsen intervened in the altercation and took the youth to his room at 80 Teignmouth Road in the Cricklewood district of London.

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29. In November 1975, Dennis Nilsen encountered a 20-year-old named David Gallichan being threatened outside a pub by two other men.

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30. At his workplace, Dennis Nilsen was known to be a quiet, conscientious employee, who was active in the trade union movement.

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31. Dennis Nilsen was initially posted to a Jobcentre in Denmark Street, where his primary role was to find employment for unskilled labourers.

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32. Dennis Nilsen enjoyed the work, but missed the comradeship of the Army.

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33. In April 1973 Dennis Nilsen completed his training and was posted to Willesden Green.

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34. On one occasion, Dennis Nilsen joined his older brother, Olav, his sister-in-law, and another couple to watch a documentary about male homosexuality.

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35. Dennis Nilsen was kidnapped by an Arab taxi driver, who beat him unconscious and placed him in the boot of his car.

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36. In this deployment, Dennis Nilsen began to increase his intake of alcohol.

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37. Dennis Nilsen passed the entrance examinations and received official notification he was to enlist for nine years' service in September 1961, commencing his training with the Army Catering Corps at St Omer Barracks in Aldershot.

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