11 Facts About Denzil Minnan-Wong


Denzil Minnan-Wong was educated at Osgoode Hall Law School and became a lawyer specializing in immigration issues.


Denzil Minnan-Wong was elected to the position in the November 1994 municipal election.


Denzil Minnan-Wong was appointed to the Toronto Transit Commission by City Council under the Mayor Rob Ford administration in December 2010.


Denzil Minnan-Wong was one of 5 councillors on the TTC board who voted in 2012 to terminate the services of the TTC General Manager Gary Webster.


The five councillors who supported Webster's termination, including Denzil Minnan-Wong, were removed from the TTC board by council on March 5,2012, as a result of a motion by Councillor Karen Stintz, chair of the TTC board.


Denzil Minnan-Wong placed a close second to the Liberal incumbent, former cabinet minister Michael Coteau.


Denzil Minnan-Wong ultimately donated his councillor salary for that period to the City of Toronto and directed the money be spent on roads.

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Denzil Minnan-Wong apologized for his words and said that they were taken out of context.


Denzil Minnan-Wong was the only one of seven councillors on the TTC board to be re-elected.


Denzil Minnan-Wong was re-appointed during the 2018 to 2022 council term as deputy mayor and was reappointed, a third time, as a member of the TTC board.


In July 2022, Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong emailed a statement to his constituents advising he would not seek re-election in the 2022 Ontario municipal elections.