10 Facts About Devdas


Devdas is a Bengali romance novel written by Sarat Chandra Chatterjee.

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Devdas has been adapted on screen 20 times for film and 5 times for single song.

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Devdas is a young man from a wealthy Bengali family in India in the early 1900s.

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Devdas goes away for a couple of years to live and study in the city of Calcutta.

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Devdas sees that Parvati is no longer the small girl he knew.

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Devdas has never previously considered Parvati as his would-be wife.

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Devdas goes back to his village and tells Parvati that he is ready to do anything needed to save their love.

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Devdas refuses to go back to Devdas and chides him for his cowardice and vacillation.

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Devdas goes back to Calcutta and Parvati is married off to the widower, Bhuvan Choudhuri, who has three children.

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Devdas takes to heavy drinking at the courtesan's place; she falls in love with him, and looks after him.

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