26 Facts About Devin McCourty

1. Devin McCourty appeared in 13 games, making a total of 38 tackles and two interceptions during the year of his collage.

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2. Devin McCourty pledged $100 for each tackle and $200 for each interception.

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3. Devin McCourty married Michelle Powell last year and has a twin brother in the NFL.

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4. Devin McCourty is a defensive back for the New England Patriots, and was drafted by the team in the first round of the 2010 draft.

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5. Devin McCourty putting emphasis on Patriots winning on the road.

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6. Devin McCourty successfully transitioned to safety midseason, just two years removed from a Pro Bowl campaign at cornerback.

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7. Devin McCourty started his career at cornerback then started to move to safety in 2012 around the time the Patriots acquired Aqib Talib.

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8. On December 20, Devin McCourty was named to the 2017 Pro Bowl, his second time receiving the honor.

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9. Devin McCourty made seven combined tackles and two pass deflections throughout the playoffs with only two tackles and one deflection against the Broncos.

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10. Devin McCourty became an unrestricted free agent in 2015 and received interest from multiple teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Tennessee Titans.

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11. Devin McCourty finished the season with 69 combined tackles, nine pass deflections, and an interception in 15 games and 15 starts.

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12. Devin McCourty was not selected as one of four team captains to begin the regular season.

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13. Devin McCourty began training camp as the de facto starting free safety after Patrick Chung departed in free agency.

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14. Devin McCourty played a total of 1,329 snaps on defense and special teams.

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15. Devin McCourty finished with 24 kick returns for a total of 654-yards and one touchdown.

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16. Devin McCourty entered training camp slated as the No 1 starting cornerback.

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17. Devin McCourty entered training camp slated as the Patriots' No 1 starting cornerback.

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18. Devin McCourty intercepted the pass that was originally intended for Patrick Crayton in the second quarter and was immediately tackled.

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19. Devin McCourty made his first career tackle on Adam Jones, ending Jones 19-yard kick return in the first quarter.

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20. On March 10, 2010, Devin McCourty attended Rutger's annual pro day, but chose to stand on his combine numbers and only performed positional drills.

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21. Devin McCourty graduated from Rutgers with a bachelor's degree in sociology.

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22. In his final season at Rutgers in 2009, Devin McCourty started 13 games at cornerback, while still working on special teams units.

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23. Devin McCourty started 13 games at cornerback in his 2008 junior season, picking up 57 tackles, one interception, and a blocked punt.

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24. Devin McCourty attended Rutgers University, and played for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights football team beginning in 2005.

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25. Devin McCourty returned an interception 84 yards for a touchdown.

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26. Devin McCourty had an 84-yard pick six Monday evening to extend the New England Patriots' lead over the Buffalo Bills late in the fourth quarter.

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