10 Facts About Dhirubhai Ambani


Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani was an Indian businessman who founded Reliance Industries in 1958.


Dhirubhai Ambani faced numerous accusations of market manipulation, tax evasion, and cronyism.


Dhirubhai Ambani was one of the sons of Hirachand Gordhanbhai Ambani, a village school teacher belonging to the Modh vaniya community and Jamnaben Ambani and was born in Chorwad, Malia Taluka, Junagadh district, Gujarat on 28 December 1932.


Dhirubhai Ambani left Aden in 1958 to try his hand at his own business in India in the textiles market.


Dhirubhai Ambani returned to India and started "Majin" in partnership with Champaklal Damani, his second cousin, who lived with him in Yemen.


In 1965, Champaklal Damani and Dhirubhai Ambani ended their partnership and Ambani started on his own.


The Bear Cartel bought shares of Reliance from the market at higher price levels and it was learnt that Dhirubhai Ambani himself supplied those shares to the Bear Cartel and earned a healthy profit out of The Bear Cartel's adventure.


Dhirubhai Ambani was admitted to the Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai on 24 June 2002 after he suffered a major stroke.


Dhirubhai Ambani was in a coma for more than a week and a number of doctors were consulted.


Dhirubhai Ambani said that the differences "are in the private domain".