36 Facts About Diafra Sakho

1. Diafra Sakho started his youth career with Generation Foot before switched to France to play with Football Club de Metz in 2007.

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2. Diafra Sakho is a Senegalese professional footballer who plays as a striker for Premier League club West Ham United and the Senegal national team.

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3. Diafra Sakho is renowned for his energy on the pitch, and had cult status at Liverpool for his interaction with the supporters.

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4. On 5 August 2010, Diafra Sakho was called up to the France senior team for the first time by new manager Laurent Blanc for the team's friendly match against Norway on 11 August 2010.

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5. Diafra Sakho made his France U21 debut on 19 August 2008 in a friendly match against Slovakia.

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6. On 31 January 2017, Diafra Sakho signed with Crystal Palace on loan until the end of the season.

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7. Diafra Sakho was praised in Liverpool's victory over Borussia Dortmund in the Europa League quarter-finals.

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8. On 27 September 2014, Diafra Sakho was left out of the squad for the Merseyside Derby clash against Everton.

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9. On 14 June 2007, Diafra Sakho signed his first professional contract agreeing to a three-year deal.

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10. Diafra Sakho started the match picking up a yellow card in the 20th minute.

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11. In total, Diafra Sakho spent nearly six years at the Camp des Loges.

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12. Diafra Sakho quickly became one of the club's most sought after prospects winning numerous MVP awards during his time in the youth academy.

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13. Diafra Sakho was originally a striker, but due to Paris Saint-Germain's youth team having fewer defenders than strikers, he was moved into a more defensive role.

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14. Diafra Sakho started his football career at the age of six playing for the juniors of hometown club Paris FC.

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15. Diafra Sakho was born in Paris to Senegalese parents and was the fourth child of a family of seven children.

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16. Diafra Sakho began his career at Paris FC before moving to Paris Saint-Germain's youth system in 2002.

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17. Diafra Sakho made over 200 appearances for the club, winning all four domestic trophies.

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18. Diafra Sakho is understood to have undergone a medical at The Hawthorns, only for the plug to be pulled by West Brom at the last minute due to unspecified concerns.

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19. Diafra Sakho left West Ham at the end of January 2018 having played 71 games in all competitions scoring 24 goals.

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20. Diafra Sakho scored two goals, against Swansea City and Stoke City.

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21. Diafra Sakho scored 12 goals, 10 in the league and one in both the FA Cup and League.

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22. Diafra Sakho was mainly used as a substitute in his first three seasons and was loaned to Boulogne in January 2012.

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23. Diafra Sakho made his first-team debut in a goalless draw at home to Brest, on 19 January 2010.

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24. Diafra Sakho started is career in Dakar with Generation Foot, a football academy and feeder club for FC Metz, at age 16.

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25. Diafra Sakho joined Renne in January 2018 and was loaned to Bursaspor in August 2018.

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26. Diafra Sakho was born on 24 December 1989 and is a Senegalese professional footballer who plays as a striker for Bursaspor, on loan from Stade Rennais, and the Senegal national team.

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27. Diafra Sakho missed the final tournament due to a back injury.

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28. On 29 January 2018, Diafra Sakho joined Rennes for an undisclosed fee.

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29. Diafra Sakho began his career in the lower divisions of French football, with Metz and on loan at Boulogne, before joining West Ham United in August 2014.

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30. Diafra Sakho is a Senegalese professional footballer who plays as a striker for Bursaspor, on loan from Stade Rennais, and the Senegal national team.

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31. Diafra Sakho was born on 24 December, 1989 in Guediawaye.

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32. Diafra Sakho made his international debut for Senegal in a friendly match against Burkina Faso, on 21 May 2014.

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33. Diafra Sakho scored West Ham's third goal in a game which was their first win at Anfield for 52 years.

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34. Diafra Sakho was injured during a game on 1 January 2015 against West Bromwich Albion.

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35. For his performances, Diafra Sakho was awarded the Premier League Player of the Month for October 2014, with his manager Sam Allardyce named Manager of the Month.

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36. Diafra Sakho is a Senegalese professional footballer who plays as a striker for Bursaspor, on loan from Rennes, and the Senegal national team.

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