14 Facts About Diamela Eltit


Diamela Eltit is a Chilean writer and university professor.


Diamela Eltit is a recipient of the National Prize for Literature.


Diamela Eltit graduated from college from Universidad Catolica de Chile and pursued graduate studies in Literature at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago.


Diamela Eltit has been held visiting professorships at the University of California at Berkeley, Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University, Washington University in St Louis, and University of Pittsburgh, University of Virginia.


Diamela Eltit was a representative of the Council of Chilean Universities to the Book National Council.


Diamela Eltit writes opinions por El Desconcierto, both in Santiago.


In 1979, Diamela Eltit created together with the poet Raul Zurita, the visual artists Lotty Rosenfeld and Juan Castillo and the sociologist Fernando Balcells the Colectivo de Acciones de Arte, a vanguard group part of the so-called Escena de Avanzada.


In 1980, Diamela Eltit published her first book, Una milla de cruces sobre el pavimento, a volume of essays.


Several of Diamela Eltit's novels have been staged by different theater groups and translated into other languages.


In 2012 the Spanish editorial house Periferica reached an agreement with Diamela Eltit to republish all her novels.


Three of Diamela Eltit novels were chosen as part of the list selected in 2007 by 81 Latin American and Spanish writers and critics for the Colombian journal Semana of the 100 best novels in Spanish language in the last 25 years: Lumperica, El cuarto mundo y Los vigilantes.


Casa de las Americas, in La Habana, dedicated to Eltit her Semana de Autor in 2002, and in 2006, the Universidad Catolica de Chile organized the Coloquio Internacional de Escritores y Criticos: Homenaje a Diamela Eltit, which resulted in the book Diamela Eltit: redes locales, redes globales.


Diamela Eltit is married to Jorge Arrate, lawyer and economist.


Diamela Eltit's husband is the former president of the Socialist Party.