10 Facts About Dianne Donghi


Dianne Donghi was affiliated with the Columbia University SDS chapter as well as the New York chapter.


Dianne Donghi spoke at a press conference held on August 19,1969 at the New York City Diplomat Hotel after the group returned home from Cuba.


Dianne Donghi spoke at a National Action Conference held in Cleveland, Ohio during August 29-September 2,1969.


On October 11,1969 Dianne Donghi was arrested for mob actions, which she pleaded guilty on December 16,1969; she was fined a $90 fee and sentenced to serve one day in the county jail.


In December 1969, Dianne Donghi was one of many who attended the Weatherman "War Council" in Flint, Michigan.


Dianne Donghi became affiliated with Weatherman Cincinnati collective in Ohio on January 15,1970.


Later Dianne Donghi spent time at the Chicago and New York collectives.


Sometime in February 1970, Dianne Donghi was arrested in Chicago by the FBI on charges of interstate transportation of stolen weapons.


Dianne Donghi was arrested in the Greenwich Village hotel room she had shared with Cincinnati collective member Larry Grathwohl, with whom she had formed a relationship.


Dianne Donghi was released from jail later that day with a bail of $10,000.