30 Facts About Domantas Sabonis


Domantas Sabonis is a Lithuanian-American professional basketball player for the Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association.

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Domantas Sabonis then moved to the United States and played college basketball for the Gonzaga Bulldogs.

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Domantas Sabonis played five seasons for the Pacers and was named an All-Star twice during his tenure.

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Domantas Sabonis is the son of the Basketball Hall of Famer Arvydas Domantas Sabonis, and was born in Portland, while his father was playing for the Trail Blazers.

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Domantas Sabonis is extremely aggressive, plays with a motor, is always going hard.

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Domantas Sabonis declined a Unicaja offer of a three-year $630,000 contract in order to play in the NCAA.

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On November 14,2014, Domantas Sabonis solidly debuted by scoring 14 points, grabbing 8 rebounds, and dishing 2 assists, along with one steal and one block in 20 minutes.

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Domantas Sabonis was one of the best players in the game with 15 points and 6 rebounds.

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Domantas Sabonis scored 12 points and grabbed 8 rebounds during that game.

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Two days later, Domantas Sabonis grabbed a new career high of 20 rebounds, as well as 12 points and 2 assists.

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Domantas Sabonis was one of the finalists for the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Award.

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In early April 2016, several US media reports indicated that Domantas Sabonis would declare himself eligible for the 2016 NBA draft and would hire an agent, marking the end of his career at Gonzaga.

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Domantas Sabonis was selected 11th overall by the Orlando Magic in the 2016 NBA draft.

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Domantas Sabonis was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder along with Ersan Ilyasova and Victor Oladipo for Serge Ibaka on draft night.

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Domantas Sabonis did not participate in the 2016 NBA Summer League in order to join the Lithuania men's national basketball team training camp.

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Domantas Sabonis became the first Thunder player to debut as a starting five member since Kevin Durant.

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On July 6,2017, Domantas Sabonis was traded, along with Victor Oladipo, to the Indiana Pacers in exchange for Paul George.

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On December 15,2019, Domantas Sabonis got his 12th consecutive double-double and improved previous Pacers record for the most consecutive double-doubles, which was held by Troy Murphy since 2009.

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On January 30, Domantas Sabonis was chosen to the 2020 NBA All-Star Game after averaging 18 points, 12.

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Domantas Sabonis participated in the NBA All-Star Weekend Skills Challenge in 2020 and was just 1 shot away from the trophy, after being defeated only in the final by Bam Adebayo.

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Domantas Sabonis participated in the NBA 2K Players Tournament during the coronavirus pandemic, playing against Montrezl Harrell, a center for the Los Angeles Clippers in an NBA 2K20 basketball game as their respective basketball teams.

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Domantas Sabonis's father was uncommon and such human is one per 100 years.

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Domantas Sabonis made his international debut with the Lithuania U-16 national team at the 2012 FIBA U-16 European Championship, averaging 14.

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In 2013, at 17 years of age, Domantas Sabonis played for the Lithuania U-18 team in 2013 FIBA Europe Under-18 Championship.

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In 2014, D Sabonis played in the FIBA Europe Under-18 Championship for the second time.

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On July 15, by participating in 2015 FIBA Europe Under-20 Championship, Domantas Sabonis achieved the tournament rebounds record by grabbing 28 against Ukraine.

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On July 29,2015, Domantas Sabonis debuted for the Lithuania men's national team in a game against Australia, scoring 4 points and grabbing 7 rebounds.

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Domantas Sabonis was the youngest player ever to play for the national team, beating Jonas Valanciunas by a matter of days.

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Domantas Sabonis played for Lithuania at EuroBasket 2015, winning a silver medal in his debut year.

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Domantas Sabonis was a member of the Lithuanian Olympic national team during the 2016 Summer Olympics, where he averaged 5.

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