30 Facts About Dominique Wilkins

1. Dominique Wilkins is projected to sign a deal with the Charlotte Hornets.

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2. In 2010, Dominique Wilkins signed an agreement to partner with fitness company 24 Hour Fitness to develop the Dominique Wilkins Basketball Academy.

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3. Dominique Wilkins led all scorers with 28 points in 20 minutes of play.

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4. Dominique Wilkins serves as a color analyst for Hawks games, pairing alongside long-time play-by-play announcer Bob Rathbun.

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5. Dominique Wilkins is responsible for advising the Hawks's senior management team on basketball-related issues and is a goodwill ambassador for the community.

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6. Since 2004, Dominique Wilkins has served as the Hawks' Vice President of Basketball.

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7. In 1990 Dominique Wilkins made his final appearance in the Slam Dunk Contest, going up against new promising stars such as Kenny Smith, Scottie Pippen and Kenny Walker.

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8. On his third and final attempt, Dominique Wilkins' completed a thunderous windmill dunk from the left side.

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9. Dominique Wilkins reached the finals where he was defeated by his 5'7" teammate, Spud Webb.

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10. Dominique Wilkins concluded the season with 24,019 career points, placing ninth on the NBA's all-time list.

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11. Dominique Wilkins left Atlanta as the team's all-time leading scorer with 23,292 points.

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12. Dominique Wilkins showed no signs of fading in his 12th NBA season, even after a tumultuous midseason trade.

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13. Dominique Wilkins averaged 20.8 points in the five games, but shot.

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14. Dominique Wilkins was selected to the All-NBA Second Team for the third time in his career.

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15. Dominique Wilkins led the team in scoring for the eighth straight year, finishing at 25.9 points per game—seventh best in the NBA.

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16. Dominique Wilkins averaged 26.7 points to finish fifth in the NBA scoring race.

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17. Dominique Wilkins earned a berth on the All-NBA Second Team and became the first Hawks player to be named NBA Player of the Week three times in a season.

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18. Dominique Wilkins averaged 30.7 points for the Hawks, but Jordan bested him at 35.0.

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19. Dominique Wilkins finished the year second in the league in scoring to Michael Jordan's 37.1 points per game.

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20. Dominique Wilkins scored 57 points in one game and ranked among the Hawks' leaders in rebounding, steals (138), and free-throw percentage (.

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21. Dominique Wilkins was an NBA All-Star for the first time and was voted to the All-NBA First Team at the end of the season.

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22. Dominique Wilkins ranked second on the Hawks in rebounding and steals (135).

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23. Dominique Wilkins went on to finish the season with a 27.4 scoring average, good for sixth in the NBA.

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24. Dominique Wilkins is one of four players whose jerseys have been retired by the Hawks.

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25. Dominique Wilkins was instrumental in the Hawks' prominence in the 1980s, when the club recorded four consecutive 50-win seasons during the decade.

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26. Dominique Wilkins was selected third overall by the Utah Jazz in the 1982 NBA draft.

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27. Dominique Wilkins averaged 21.6 points a game over his career and was named SEC Men's Basketball Player of the Year in 1981.

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28. Dominique Wilkins entered the University of Georgia in 1979 with an established reputation as an exciting player.

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29. Dominique Wilkins was born in Paris, France while his father was stationed there as an airman in the US Air Force.

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30. Dominique Wilkins was a nine-time NBA All-Star, and is widely viewed as one of the best dunkers in NBA history, earning the nickname "The Human Highlight Film".

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