11 Facts About Dorian Blues


Dorian Blues is a 2004 comedy-drama film about a gay teenager coming to terms with his identity in upstate New York.

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High school senior Dorian Lagatos realizes he is gay and meets another gay youth locally, but remains confused, and finally comes out to his brother, Nicky.

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Dorian Blues starts therapy, then resorts to confession in the Church.

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When his therapist and the church politely avoid offering any real help, Dorian Blues has his first intimate encounter with a local gay youth.

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Dorian Blues expresses all kinds of angst over his life style, defending his true nature to his father over the Christmas holidays.

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Dorian Blues finds a boyfriend, but he gets dumped after two months with no given reason.

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Dorian Blues develops a deep depression and finally, in despair gives in to it, coincidental to Nicky visiting Dorian Blues in the city.

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Just as Dorian Blues pleads with a friend to flaunt his newly found popularity, Nicky reunites with obsequious football friends—stealing Dorian Blues's thunder.

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Dorian Blues won eight awards at the first nine film festivals it screened at and has won its fourteenth award, including the Best First Feature Award at Outfest in Los Angeles.

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Dorian Blues won the audience award and the Emerging Maverick Director's Award at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose where it had its world premiere.

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Dorian Blues was released on Region 1 DVD, and on Region 2 DVD on 26 January 2009.

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