12 Facts About Dorne


Dorne was intentionally vague about the size of the Ice and Fire world, omitting a scale on the maps to discourage prediction of travel lengths based on measured distances.

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Only the defiant Dorne remained independent for another two hundred years through asymmetric guerrilla resistance, until it was finally absorbed under the Iron Throne through a marriage-alliance by King Daeron II.

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Dorne returned there after the disastrous Battle of the Blackwater.

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Dorne took the castle but lost a thousand men and was himself reportedly gravely wounded.

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Dorne is the southernmost and least populated land of Westeros.

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The wealth of Dorne comes from their famous Sand Steeds, purebred horses of endurance, speed, and grace, and from spices, wines, fishing, fabrics, and textiles.

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Martin, Dorne has the highest temperatures of any kingdom in Westeros, and is arid, with a rocky, mountainous, terrain that includes the only desert on the continent.

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Notable locations of Dorne are Starfall, the seat of House Dayne, and Yronwood, the seat of House Yronwood, the most powerful of the Martell bannermen.

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Dorne was the only kingdom in Westeros to successfully resist Aegon's conquest, even killing one of his dragons during the war.

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Unlike most of the rest of Westeros, illegitimate children born in Dorne are treated nearly the same as legal offspring and given the surname Sand, as with Westerosi customs to give bastards a surname showing their origins.

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Dorne stays in Meereen throughout most of A Dance with Dragons.

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Dorne gives the power over Astapor to a council of former slaves led by a healer, a scholar and a priest, and tens of thousands of former slaves join her on her travels to Yunkai.

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