16 Facts About Downtown Miami


Downtown Miami is the core of the Miami metropolitan area, the nation's ninth largest and world's 34th largest metropolitan area with a population of 6.

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The Downtown Miami perimeters are defined by the Miami Downtown Development Authority as the 3.

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In recent years, Downtown Miami has the third greatest concentration of high-rises in the United States and is home to many major museums, parks, education centers, banks, company headquarters, courthouses, government offices, theaters, shops and many of the oldest buildings in the city.

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Downtown Miami is centered on the Central Business District, best known by locals as simply "Downtown".

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Downtown Miami Jewelry District is a sub-neighborhood within the Central Business District historically known for its numerous jewelry stores, jewelers and gem dealers.

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Brickell is south of the Downtown Miami River, and is a mixed upper-class residential neighborhood as well as Downtown Miami's major financial district along Brickell Avenue.

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Public transportation in the Downtown area is used more than in any other part of Miami and is a vital part of Downtown life.

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Downtown Miami is served by Metrobus throughout the area, the Miami Metrorail, and the Metromover:.

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The main bus station in Downtown Miami is located next to the Arsht Center at the Adrienne Arsht Center Station.

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Many Downtown Miami residents get around by foot, bicycle, Metromover or by taxi.

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Since many Downtown Miami residents choose to not have cars, taxis are popular for rides within Downtown Miami neighborhoods, especially after midnight when the Metromover stops running.

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Downtown Miami is home to many international chambers of commerce, these include:.

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Downtown Miami is home to many city, county, state, and federal courthouses, jails, judge offices, and law firms.

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Some courthouses in Downtown are the Dade County Family Court, U S Court of Appeals Judge, U S District Court Clerk, Miami-Dade County Courthouse, Federal Courthouse, U S Magistrate Judge, City of Miami courthouses and many others.

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Besides Flagler Street, Downtown Miami has two other major shopping areas, Bayside Marketplace and Mary Brickell Village in Brickell.

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Bayside Marketplace was built in 1987, and is one of Downtown Miami's most visited tourist attractions averaging over 15 million visitors a year.

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