19 Facts About Dublin Airport

1. Dublin Airport is 13km north of the city, and the drive to central Dublin takes just 20 minutes.

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2. Dublin Airport is home to a multi-faith prayer room in Terminal 2 which is available 24 hours a day.

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3. Dublin Airport offers Platinum Services, tailored exclusively to executives, but perfect for those who want a simpler more sophisticated airport experience.

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4. Dublin Airport has the distinction of being one of only two airports in all of Europe to offer border preclearance services to the United States of America for passengers bound for the US, the other being Shannon Airport.

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5. Dublin Airport has excellent transport links, including bus routes, and rail links into the centre of Dublin and beyond.

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6. Dublin Airport is located a 30-minute drive outside of 'the Fair City' in neighbouring Collinstown, Fingal.

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7. Dublin Airport is less than 10 miles north of Dublin, Ireland.

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8. Dublin Airport is said to be the busiest airport in Ireland since it is located in the capital city of this country, Dublin city.

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9. Dublin Airport was named World's Best Airport on Twitter for the second year running in last year's Moodies.

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10. In 2014, Dublin Airport was the 18th busiest airport in Europe, serving over 21 million passengers.

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11. Dublin Airport is located north of Dublin City in the administrative county of Fingal.

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12. Dublin Airport has over 250,000 Irish dark native honeybees on airport land.

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13. Dublin Airport Managing Director Vincent Harrison said Marqette is the first restaurant at the airport to stock Nect-Air.

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14. Dublin Airport have sent out a cheeky tweet for All Blacks fans ahead of the big game on Saturday.

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15. Dublin Airport supports 117,300 jobs in the Irish economy, including 19,200 people employed directly at the airport and its environs.

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16. Dublin Airport is served by a large network of bus and coach routes, serving both the wider Dublin area and intercity links to the rest of Ireland.

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17. Dublin Airport is one of only two airports in Europe with United States border preclearance services for US-bound passengers.

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18. Throughout the 1950s Dublin Airport expanded with virtually uninterrupted traffic growth.

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19. Dublin Airport has an extensive short and medium haul network, served by an array of carriers, as well as a significant long-haul network focused on North America, the Middle East and East Asia.

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