15 Facts About Eddie Marlin


Edward Marlin was an American promoter and professional wrestler.

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Eddie Marlin was the father-in-law of promoter and professional wrestler Jerry Jarrett and the grandfather of professional wrestler and promoter Jeff Jarrett.

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In 1967, Eddie Marlin wrestled for Nick Gulas' NWA Mid-America promotion under a mask as "The Mummy".

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Eddie Marlin formed a short-lived movie monster-themed tag team with Dr Frank.

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Eddie Marlin began working with Jarrett, promoting and booking some CWA shows.

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Eddie Marlin was the on-screen General Manager of Continental Wrestling Association throughout the 1980s.

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Eddie Marlin was "hired" by CWA promoter Jerry Jarrett to run the company.

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Eddie Marlin worked primarily as a good guy, often sticking up for the faces.

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Eddie Marlin often butted heads with the "Head Booker" of CWA, Tom Renesto, who tended to favor the heels.

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In early 1988, Eddie Marlin was involved in a feud with former tag team partner Tommy Gilbert that resulted in the former friends wrestling in a Cowboy Boot Match.

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Eddie Marlin would go on to win that match, and defeat his former friend.

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Eddie Marlin worked a few more years as General Manager after CWA was combined with WCCW to become USWA.

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Eddie Marlin continued to wrestle a few times in Dallas at the famous Sportatorium.

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In 2001, Eddie Marlin took part in the “Clash of the Legends ” in Memphis that had Jerry Lawler, Brian Christopher, Sputnik Monroe, Tracy Smothers, Tommy Rogers, Lord Humongous, Jimmy Hart, The Moondogs, The Bushwhackers, and referee Jerry Calhoun.

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Eddie Marlin died the next morning, just 48 hours after turning 89 years old.

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