11 Facts About Edgar Scherick


Edgar J Scherick was an Emmy-winning American television executive and producer of television miniseries, made-for-television films, and theatrical motion pictures.


Edgar Scherick was raised in Long Beach, NY and graduated Long Beach High School in 1941.


Widely credited as a pioneer in network sports broadcasting, Scherick created the television program ABC's Wide World of Sports at his company Sports Programs, Inc which he started in 1956 with $600.00.


In February 1960, Edgar Scherick sold Sports Programs to the American Broadcasting Company for $500,000 in ABC stock, where it became ABC Sports, the sports division of the network.


In June 1963, Edgar Scherick became Vice President of Programming for the ABC Television Network, where he created many popular shows including Bewitched, Batman, That Girl, The Hollywood Palace, and Peyton Place.


In 1983, Edgar Scherick had a cameo role as Wilson Crockett, a network television executive, in the Martin Scorsese film, The King of Comedy.


Edgar Scherick hired and served as a mentor to many famous television and theatrical producers and industry executives including Roone Arledge, Brian Grazer, Scott Rudin, Michael Barnathan, Robert Lawrence and David Nicksay.


Many of the theatrical releases that Edgar Scherick produced or credited as Executive Producer were nominated for an Academy Award:.


Edgar Scherick won the Emmy for Outstanding Children's Program as Executive Producer but due to Academy rules, only the credited "Producer" is eligible for a Best Picture Oscar award.


One film that Edgar Scherick was credited as Executive Producer, Path to War from 2002' was nominated for the Global Globe Award for Best Television Motion Picture.


Edgar Scherick was a producer in all films unless otherwise noted.