101 Facts About Edward Kenway

1. Edward Kenway travels back to England, promising Ah Tabai that he will continue the fight against the Templars back home in England.

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2. Edward Kenway attempts to resolve the dispute, but is too late to stop the Templars from exploiting the situation for their own ends.

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3. Edward Kenway gained an ally in the Templar Haytham Edward Kenway, who sought access to the sanctuary.

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4. Edward Kenway used to be a privateer in the British Navy and was stationed in West Indies.

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5. Edward Kenway went back to his hometown, where his mother disowned him.

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6. Edward Kenway eventually arranged for Jennifer to be brought from England to Great Inagua, and gifted the island to the Assassins for use as a base, an offer gladly accepted by Ah Tabai.

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7. At the age of seventeen, Edward Kenway met Caroline Scott, a woman two years his senior who intervened on his behalf during an altercation outside a tavern.

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8. Edward Kenway joined the British Royal Navy early in his life and, once accepted, found himself stationed in the West Indies.

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9. Edward Kenway was trained in swordsmanship and was taught how to wield firearms.

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10. From an early age, Edward Kenway possessed the extra-sensory ability known as Eagle Vision, which he eventually managed to hone and utilize during his adult life.

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11. Edward Kenway was one to take any advantage afforded him, twisting the meaning of the Assassins' Creed to suit his own ends.

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12. Edward Kenway encouraged his son to think for himself, and dispute others' opinions.

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13. Edward Kenway trained Haytham to become an Assassin from an early age, training him in swordsmanship and other types of combat from six years old onward.

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14. Edward Kenway attempted to discover the location of the Grand Temple, and wrote down clues regarding its location in his personal journal.

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15. Edward Kenway used his commercial enterprise as cover to travel the globe in search of First Civilization sites like the Observatory.

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16. Edward Kenway invited Anne to return to London with him, but she refused the offer, claiming she didn't possess the conviction to remain with the Assassins.

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17. Edward Kenway infiltrated the fort and assassinated Torres, only to find the man he had slain was a double wearing Torres's clothes.

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18. Edward Kenway infiltrated the prison and, after a brief visit to both Jack Rackham's gibbeted body and a delirious Charles Vane in a prison cell, succeeded in finding Mary and Anne and assassinating the guards posted at their cells.

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19. Edward Kenway quickly realized the true reason for the Templars' interest in the Observatory: with just the tiniest amount of blood from each member of the British, Spanish and French governments, the Templars would be able to spy on, blackmail and effectively rule these Imperial governments from behind a veil.

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20. Edward Kenway gave chase and disabled Hornigold's ship, forcing it to beach on a nearby island.

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21. Edward Kenway came out of hiding to berate Hornigold for his betrayal, whereupon he was beset by Torres' soldiers.

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22. Edward Kenway agreed, made his way to the Commodore's warship, and assassinated him.

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23. Edward Kenway agreed and elected to procure some medicine in a way that did not draw British attention.

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24. Edward Kenway quickly overcame his confusion and, using "James'" distraction, snuck into the manor's gardens and assassinated Prins.

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25. Edward Kenway agreed to aid James in the infiltration and the assassination of Prins.

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26. Edward Kenway decided to use the opportunity to reach Roberts himself, and coerced Torres into aiding him.

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27. Edward Kenway decided to name his newly acquired ship Jackdaw and, realizing that hardly any of his new crew would accept Adewale as captain, dubbed him Quartermaster.

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28. Edward Kenway listened to Torres' plans to locate a First Civilization site known as the Observatory, which the Templars believed would allow them to monitor every person in the world and learn all their secrets.

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29. Edward Kenway infiltrated the Spanish fort to recover the package before going to the intended meeting with Torres.

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30. Edward Kenway shortly encountered a group of English soldiers harassing a merchant named Stede Bonnet, whom they believed to have been one of the pirates involved in the earlier battle.

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31. Edward Kenway agreed upon condition of immediate payment, and advanced toward Walpole.

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32. Edward Kenway landed several good hits on Blaney, prompting Blaney to draw a blade in a fit of rage.

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33. Edward Kenway recognized the ring that Pritchard was wearing which matched the ring worn by Wilson.

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34. Edward Kenway tried to engage Wilson, but was bested by the more experienced swordsman.

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35. Edward Kenway was shaped to become a weapon to be used by the Cult, henceforth known by the name Deimos.

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36. Edward Kenway's was exiled from her society as a child due to a mishap during the Oracles' determination of her younger, infant brother.

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37. Edward Kenway's was the older half-sister of Alexios and, through their mother, Myrrine, the granddaughter of King Leonidas of Sparta.

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38. Edward Kenway's was a close acquaintance with Sofia Rikkin until the latter repeatedly refused to land her a job in the Animus Project and took the credit for Layla's Animus design.

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39. Edward Kenway was the first known human to discover the Colosseum Vault.

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40. Edward Kenway eventually discovers the Apple in the tomb of Christopher Columbus and attempts to perform a ritual to remove human free will, but he is assassinated by de Nerha's descendant Callum Lynch, who recovers the Apple.

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41. Edward Kenway appears in the Assassin's Creed film, where he seeks the Apple of Eden through the memories of Aguilar de Nerha.

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42. Edward Kenway had sent several e-mails to Warren Vidic, one of which that details several Pieces of Eden that they believe to be nothing more than mythical tales, including the Holy Grail.

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43. Edward Kenway eventually managed to escape with the Apple and passed it on to Christopher Columbus for protection.

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44. Edward Kenway is assassinated by Evie Frye and his experiments on the Piece of Eden grow unstable, resulting in an explosion that buries his underground laboratory.

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45. Edward Kenway was honourwed with a burial in Westminster Abbey.

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46. Edward Kenway orchestrated various robberies within the bank to fund the Templars, and during one of these raids, Twopenny was assassinated by Jacob Frye with the help of inspector Abberline.

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47. Edward Kenway's appears within the Helix missions in Assassin's Creed: Syndicate.

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48. Edward Kenway's crossed paths with Winston Churchill and assassinated Templar agents attempting to prolong the war, one of which was a Sage.

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49. Edward Kenway was an acquaintance to the Assassin Arno Dorian.

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50. Edward Kenway was notable for starting the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution, and abolishing slavery in France.

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51. Edward Kenway became the new Roi des Thunes, after the former bearer of the title was assassinated by Arno Dorian in 1791.

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52. Edward Kenway's was a templar and a supporter of Germain, aiding him in the coup against De la Serre.

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53. Edward Kenway was accepted by de la Serre family since he was an orphan.

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54. Edward Kenway makes a cameo appearance in 2016's Assassin's Creed movie, where it is discovered that he is an ancestor of Callum Lynch.

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55. Edward Kenway is the main protagonist in Assassin's Creed Unity.

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56. Edward Kenway assisted Cormac and his friend, Liam O'Brien in freeing smugglers who were assets of the Brotherhood, though he and Cormac engaged in a fistfight for being late.

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57. Edward Kenway appears as the protagonist of Assassin's Creed Rogue.

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58. Edward Kenway was the captain of a schooner called the Royal Phoenix, prior to her destruction in 1718.

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59. Edward Kenway's was one of the founders of the Pirate Republic of Nassau.

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60. Edward Kenway was most famous for mentoring Edward Thatch and for being one of the founders of the Pirate Republic at Nassau.

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61. Edward Kenway was Edward Kenway's Quartermaster aboard the Jackdaw for some years until he joined the Assassins.

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62. Edward Kenway escaped slavery in 1717 with Pirate Captain Edward Kenway, stealing a brig renamed "The Jackdaw".

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63. Edward Kenway retired from Pirate Life in 1722 when he left for Bristol.

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64. Edward Kenway is portrayed by Michael K Williams in the Assassin's Creed film.

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65. Edward Kenway was a personal enemy of the Mentor of the Louisianan Assassins, Agate.

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66. Edward Kenway was the Mentor of the Assassin Brotherhood in Louisiana, operating from his hideout in the Louisiana Bayou.

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67. Edward Kenway's was the first female protagonist of the franchise.

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68. Edward Kenway's was recruited by the assassins in 1759 in order to defend the slaves, fight for freedom and eradicate templars in New Orleans.

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69. Edward Kenway had several soldiers under his command, including John Pitcairn and Charles Lee, whom he rarely saw due to their allegiance to the Templar cause.

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70. Edward Kenway was one of the architects of the principles of American republicanism, which shaped the political culture of the United States.

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71. Edward Kenway started off in the Royal Navy, but finding his career stalled, he left to work for the United Company of Merchants.

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72. Edward Kenway began his dealings at a young age, and by the time he had reached his mid-twenties, Birch owned several merchant ships; mainly involved with the dealing of tea to the British American colonies.

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73. Edward Kenway's gained an ally in the Templar Haytham Kenway, who sought access to the sanctuary.

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74. Edward Kenway was the Mentor of the Colonial Brotherhood of Assassins from 1746 until 1763.

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75. Edward Kenway is the first person to greet Desmond after recovering from his coma.

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76. Edward Kenway raised Desmond in the ways of the Assassins, teaching him about the order and what they fought for, his training often scared Desmond which ultimately led him to run away from his parents.

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77. Edward Kenway was assassinated in 1781, by Connor his own son, trying to save his Templar friend Charles Lee.

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78. Edward Kenway is a key character in Assassin's Creed Rogue.

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79. Edward Kenway is an ancestor of Desmond Miles through the paternal line.

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80. Edward Kenway mastered the "Tomahawk", a short axe, and rope darts.

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81. Edward Kenway's was present with her mother in Florence, when her father died of a heart attack.

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82. Edward Kenway was known by his fellow Turks as Kanuni or the Law Giver.

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83. Edward Kenway's plans fail, but while Ezio is away in Cappadocia, Ahmet takes Sofia Sartor hostage and demands Ezio exchanges the Masyaf key for her.

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84. Edward Kenway was a member of the Assassin Order and served the Assassins as a technician and intelligence gatherer, primarily providing them with materials and methods for crafting bombs.

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85. Edward Kenway is assassinated by Ezio in the Byzantine-controlled city of Cappadocia.

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86. Edward Kenway is conspiring in taking back Constantinople with the help of Ahmet, heir to Sultan Bayezid II of the Ottoman Empire.

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87. Edward Kenway is an easygoing Master Assassin, and leader of the Ottoman Assassin Brotherhood, rising to the post sometime before 1511 AD.

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88. Edward Kenway made a final request to Ezio to stop the Templars.

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89. Edward Kenway is a close friend of Prince Selim I Ezio thought that Tarik to be a Templar because of his behavior, and he was selling weapons to Manuel Palaiologos, a known Templar.

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90. Edward Kenway was an Italian philosopher and writer, and a member of the Assassin Order.

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91. Edward Kenway's appears in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood as a woman, her hair now blonde.

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92. Edward Kenway's is first seen in a portrait in Assassin's Creed II as a little girl with brown hair.

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93. Edward Kenway is eventually rescued by Ezio, and despite his injuries, explores the Temple, fascinated by the numeric codes found within.

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94. Edward Kenway developed an interest in flight, and invented an experimental flying machine, which Ezio used on one of his missions.

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95. Edward Kenway was naturally ambitious and aggressive; at age 18, when he sought his brother Juan Borgia the Younger's position as Captain General of the Papal Army, he had his brother assassinated.

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96. Edward Kenway's was engaged to Pope Sixtus IV's nephew, Girolamo Riario, at only 10 years of age, and consummated the marriage at 14.

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97. Edward Kenway's refused though, as she didn't want to leave her family behind.

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98. Edward Kenway's was a first love interest of Ezio Auditore da Firenze.

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99. Edward Kenway's was the cousin of the Italian explorer, financier, navigator and cartographer Amerigo Vespucci.

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100. Edward Kenway's was introduced in Assassin's Creed II, though most of her story is told during the "Repressed Memory Sequences" from Brotherhood.

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101. Edward Kenway's held this position until her brother returned in late 1512, after which Ezio resigned from the Order and assigned a successor.

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