13 Facts About El Lindaman


Yuga Hayashi, better known by his ring name El Lindaman, is a Japanese professional wrestler.


El Lindaman is working for Gleat, where he was the inaugural G-Rex Champion.


El Lindaman initially wanted to join Osaka06 alongside Cima and Gamma, but after Cima joined Mad Blankey, Hayashi instead chose to join the Millennials, changing his attire to match the Millennial colour scheme and dyeing his hair pink.


On October 8,2015, El Lindaman joined Cima's new Over Generation stable alongside Eita, Gamma, Punch Tominaga, Kaito Ishida and Takehiro Yamamura.


El Lindaman competed in the 2016 King Of Gate tournament, finishing last in his block with one point.


In 2016, he began teaming with Yosuke Santa Maria, with the duo beginning a kayfabe romance angle after El Lindaman said that he liked her and wanted "to fight with and protect her".


The duo were officially named The Marilyns, and shortly after aligning himself with Maria, El Lindaman left the Over Generation and asked to join Maria's Tribe Vanguard stable, led by Yamato.


Yamato said that El Lindaman joining the stable or not was dependent on his performance alongside Santa Maria in the 2016 Summer Adventure Tag League.


Shortly after, El Lindaman adopted a new character, attacking his opponents and partners before and after matches and showing signs of a heel turn.


El Lindaman again changed his look, dying his hair red, changing his ring attire to fit with VerserK's colours and carrying a large rope around his neck.


On March 1,2022, El Lindaman made his New Japan Pro-Wrestling debut, along with CIMA and T-Hawk, at the NJPW 50th Anniversary Show, defeating Suzuki-gun's, El Desperado, Yoshinobu Kanemaru and Douki.


On May 1,2022, El Lindaman was announced to be competing in the 29th annual Best of the Super Juniors representing GLEAT as a part of the B-Block.


El Lindaman finished with a record of 4 wins and 5 losses, resulting in 8 points, therefore failing to advance to the finals.